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Gorilla Lift Plywood and Panel Carry Handle Deal – Ends 3/24/21

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Over at Woot (an Amazon company), they have a deal of the day on this Gator Lift panel carrying handle.

The Gator Lift GL10 is on sale for $18 each or $33 for two. Amazon Prime subscribers get an additional $3 off and free shipping, and so the price will be $15 each of $30 for two.

The regular price seems to be $25 (Lowe’s) – $30 (Amazon 3rd party).

The deal ends at 12am CT 12/25/2021.

The Gator Lift looks to have very good reviews and beefy mostly-metal construction. There are other brands on Amazon, with loop-style handles, vs. the Gator Lift’s T-shaped handle, but the Gator Lift looks to be more robustly constructed.

I just bought one. $15 with free shipping seemed too good to pass up, and this is definitely something I can use.

Gator Lift Plywood and Panel Carrying Handle in Use

The Gator Lift plywood and panel carrier can be used to hold up to 2 sheets or panels, and are rated for loads of up to 200 pounds.

Gator Lift Material Compatibility

Gator Lift Plywood and Panel Carrying Handle Material Types

The Gator Lift is said to be compatible with a wide range of sheet materials up to 1-1/8″ thick, such as melamine, MDF panels, drywall, plastic, or sheet metal materials. It can also of course be used with plywood and other such materials.

The Gator Lift automatically adjusts to the thickness of your material.

Gator Lift says that you can lift up to 2 sheets or panels.

Key Specifications

  • 1-1/8″ max thickness
  • 200 lbs load rating
  • Holds up to 2 panels or sheets

Gator Lift Construction

Gator Lift Plywood and Panel Carrying Handle Construction

  • Handle and clamp: aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Joints: full-width solid steel bars
  • Grip: impact-resistant ABS

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Several Amazon user reviews mention the need for caution when using this tool on sheetrock. This might work with drywall if you’re careful, but there might be better products if that’s your primary intended use.

Personally, I’m more interested in using this for carrying and moving plywood panels, and it seems well-suited for the task.

There are other models with different handle designs, but the ones I’ve seen have lower load ratings, such as 110 lbs compared to this lifter’s 200 lb rating. I also like that this one is more descriptively advertised vs. the “high quality metal” descriptions in no-name Amazon listings. As mentioned I ordered one, and will report back once it arrives and I’ve the chance to use it. I don’t anticipate the T-shaped handle design giving me any problems.

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