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New Dewalt Modular Right Angle Drill and Impact Driver Attachment Set

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Dewalt has recently come out with a new modular right angle attachment for cordless drills and impact drivers – thank you to everyone who wrote in about this!

The new Dewalt modular right angle accessory set, model DWAMRASET, features several components that help you to better access fasteners in tight or obstructed areas.

The accessory set is said to be impact-rated, and features a metal gear case, magnetic bit holder, and low-profile 1.5″ height.

Dewalt Modular Right Angle Attachment Set Standard Configuration

To start off, it comes with two attachments for your drill/driver, a standard shaft handle, and a flexshaft extension.

The standard handle can be used with the right angle attachment to create a typically proportioned right angle adapter.

Dewalt Modular Right Angle Attachment Set Stubby Configuration

Or, you can use the right angle adapter by itself and what appears to be a removable end cap, in a stubby configuration.

Dewalt Modular Right Angle Attachment Set with Side Handle

An accessory handle can be attached to the short right angle adapter for extra support.

Dewalt Modular Right Angle Attachment Set Combined

We also have the flexshaft adapter, which can be used with the right angle head for working in tight spaces.

Dewalt Modular Right Angle Attachment Set Long Extension

As a bonus feature, the flexshaft can be used on its own, thanks to the built-in 1/4″ hex bit holder.

Overall, this looks to be a very versatile accessory. The handles and modular interface do look to increase the size of the right angle adapters compared to standalone attachments, but this doesn’t take away from its low-profile head length. In other words, you gain a lot of flexibility and functionality without any significant tradeoffs.

Price: $35

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt Modular Right Angle Attachment Kit

If you’d like to save some money, there’s a smaller kit where you get the standard length handle, right angle attachment, and handle accessory.

Since the flexshaft attachment can be used on its own, it seems like a worthwhile addition for just $10 more. But, if you don’t have a need for it, you still get the core modular components with this smaller set, model DWAMRA.

Price: $25

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt Right Angle Adapter

If you don’t think you’d benefit from the modularity of the new accessory set, you can still purchase Dewalt’s standard right angle adapters. The MaxFit version is $20, and the Impact Ready (black housing) version is $22. The Impact Ready version is said to have more durable gearing.

Buy Now: MaxFit Adapter via Home Depot
Buy Now: Impact Ready via Amazon

I picked up the MaxFit right angle adapter during the winter holiday shopping season with a bit assortment for $15. At its regular price of $20, I’d likely pass on the MaxFit adapter, opting to spend just a little more for either the Impact Ready version or the new modular kit.

From all these choices, I think the Impact Ready right angle adapter ($22), or the full 4-in-1 modular set ($35) are the two options most users will be choosing between. I suppose the smaller 2-in-1 modular package ($25) might also be compelling, but it depends on how useful the right angle head will be by itself or with the handle accessory.

With this being a modular set, do you think there are any other handle or bit holder accessories Dewalt can come up with to make the system even more versatile?

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