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Do You Keep a First Aid Kit in your Workshop or Work Truck?

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Do you have a first aid kit in your workshop or work truck?

I have one on my workshop, although now’s a good time to replace it as some of the bandage sizes were used up and a lot of the ointments and creams have expired. Have you checked the contents of your first aid kit lately?

I used to carry a clear-windowed zippered wallet in my backpack when taking the kids to the park, and I have grown accustomed to keeping a couple of bandaids in my wallet. Small first aid kits are convenient for tossing into a glove box, trunk, or seat pocket when travelling.

I usually prefer to piece together my own kit, but certain consumables can be hard to find, such as individually-sized antibiotic ointments and non-alcohol cleaning wipes. Bandages can vary in quality, with cheaper ones featuring weak adhesive and thin materials. This is less an issue with name-brand kits, but there’s not as much name-brand kit selection as I’d like.

Shown above is a “Contractor’s First Aid Kit” which sells for $20. This seems like a good kit for general workshop use, although I’m not familiar with the brand.

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Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit

I have had good experiences with Johnson & Johnson’s first aid kits in the past, complementing them with additional small adhesive bandages. I have purchased various Johnson & Johnson first aid kits in this size and smaller sizes, and they’ve been extremely useful.

This one is priced at $12.

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These are my preferred small-size bandage types:

One thing I will likely add to my first aid kit are quick-clot bandages.

If you want to build your own wall-mounted first aid kit, check out this metal enclosure:

Durham Wall-Hanging First Aid Kit Box

Do you have a first aid kit in your workshop or truck? Is there any particular size, brand, or configuration you would recommend?

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