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Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table | Pro Tool Reviews

Festool Multifunction Table Could Become Your Favorite Tool in the Shop

Festool may have designed the next evolutionary step in workbench technology. With its compact size and light weight, you can easily carry the MFT/3 to any jobsite. It may, however, find a more common home in the workshop. The Festool Multifunction Table has features to make clamping faster and easier and allow for repeatability when making cuts with plunge saws and routers. Ultimately, the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table aims to streamline it all—routing, sanding, clamping, assembly…you name it.

Two main things stand out about the Festool Multifunction Table at first glance. First, it remains extremely portable. Second, this taskmaster seems to excel at providing a myriad of ways to reduce setup time for cuts and clamping.

The Festool MFT/3 weighs 62 lbs. While not overly-heavy, it has the requisite sturdiness to support up to almost 265 lbs. of material. Since the legs fold out, you can work with the table at height (35″ tall) or fold the legs in and work on the ground.

Hijacking the MFT/3 for a Mobile Work Table or Cart

Some folks have integrated the Festool MFT/3 into a mobile work table or cart. This makes it easy to do assembly work or even use it as an outfeed table for your saw. The examples we saw included storage for Festool power tools, a CT dust extractor, and some Systainers as well as 3″ or 4″ casters to provide some mobility.

Festool MFT 3 Multifunction Mobile Cart Table
Special thanks to Gabriel for the photo. We can’t help but note the small beverage refrigerator under there!

A True Multifunction Work Table

As the name indicates, the real magic of the table revolves around its multifunctionality that’s made possible predominantly by the perforated top and the V-Groove side rails. The top features a perforated grid hole pattern that works in conjunction with Festool’s clamps to secure workpieces—even those with irregular shapes—quickly and easily. The integrated V-Groove side rails let you attach Festool’s angle unit and angle stop to the table.

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