New Flex Cordless Power Tools for PROs at Lowe’s

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Lowe’s and Chervon have announced the exclusive launch of a new line of FLEX cordless power tools, describing them as cutting-edge tools aimed at professional users.

FLEX cordless power tools will be available at Lowe’s website starting in April 2021 and will also be available at Lowe’s stores nationwide this spring.

Following this introductory launch will be “a multi-year rollout of more than 100 FLEX platform-compatible tools.”

On April 12th, 2021, at 8pm ET, there will be a FLEX Face-Off, where the brand’s new offerings will be compared against competing brands as a way of showing off their high-performance designs.

Flex Cordless Power Tools at Lowes 2021 Announcement

Flex will be a 24V cordless power tool system, and they’re targeting PRO users.

Lowe’s Bill Boltz, executive vice president of merchandising, says:

As the New Home for Pros, Lowe’s is committed to offering the very best quality, durability and product innovation for today’s most discerning builders, contractors and trade professionals.

This FLEX launch allows our customers to find the latest innovation in our tool department with a brand that will strengthen the industry and how people work.

At this time, we know the launch will include the following FLEX cordless power tools:

  • Drill/driver w/ turbo mode
  • Impact driver w/ quick eject
  • 7-1/4″ circular saw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Angle grinder

We also know that the tools will focus on brushless motor technologies.

FLEX Cordless Drill with Turbo Mode

The new FLEX 24V cordless drill will be the platform’s most powerful drill, delivering 1400 in-lbs of max torque. FLEX says that, when combined with the turbo mode’s 2500 RPMs, the new drill will deliver dramatically faster results.

The FLEX cordless drill will also feature a brushless motor and anti-kickback technology.

FLEX Cordless Impact Driver with Quick Eject

The new impact driver is said to deliver unrivaled torque, power, and speed, and a quick-eject feature allows for faster one-handed bit changes.

There will be 3 speed settings and a self-tapping screw mode for greater fastening control.

FLEX Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is said to be designed to deliver power and performance, and can cut up to 50 4x4s with on a single 5.0Ah battery charge. It has a keyless blade change mechanism with quick-eject feature, meaning you can remove a hot blade without having to touch it.

A Shockshield vibration suppression is said to reduce vibration by up to 40%, providing for improved control.

Why is This a Big Deal?

Chervon is the company behind EGO cordless outdoor power tools and Skil cordless power tools, and they also design and manufacture power tools for other brands.

With FLEX, Chervon is taking their Li-ion, brushless motor, and power tool tech and know-how and has set their sights on the professional cordless power tool industry.

Lowe’s and FLEX are promising cutting-edge cordless power tool tech, and there’s an ambitious roadmap involving 100+ FLEX tools.

Flex Next Generation of Cordless Power Tools

FLEX is promising “industry-leading lithium-ion and brushless motor technologies with 20 percent more power than competitors and up to 50 percent faster charging.”

They are focusing on “tools made for the trades” and delivering “the absolute best in terms of power, run-time, and recharge time.”

There will also be introductory benefits – any FLEX tool, battery, or charger purchased in 2021 will be eligible for a limited lifetime warranty with registration.


We’re partnering with FLEX to explore their new 24V cordless power tool lineup when it launches next month, and so my intent was to keep this post strictly objective with any personal thoughts and opinions left out. Still, there’s a lot to be excited about.

What I find especially exciting about FLEX is their confidence. They are claiming that FLEX is the next generation of power tools for tradesman and pro tool users.

They’re promising “unrivaled power,” and features that will improve user experiences, such as turbo mode and anti-kickback tech in the high performance drill, and a quick-eject blade mechanism in the reciprocating saw.

As much as I don’t like using the phrase, “disruptive innovation” comes to mind. Look at the presence and reputation that EGO has built up in the cordless outdoor power tool industry. With FLEX’s access to advanced and innovative power tool and Li-ion tech, and Lowe’s being their exclusive retail launch partner, their entrance is going to make waves in the tool industry.

In coming weeks we will be deep-diving into the new FLEX cordless power tool tech. If you have any questions, please let me know!

FLEX Face-Off Teaser Video

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