Hart 20V Cordless 13-inch Push Lawn Mower Review

Compact Hart Mower Targets Smaller Yards

When we look at the best battery-powered lawn mowers, we find a lot of models targeting homeowners with 1/4 to 1/2 acre properties. But what about the folks with even smaller lots? Most of the cordless models we like so much just present too much mower. That’s the niche that the Hart 20V cordless 13-inch push mower fills. It’s compact and lightweight. But the Hart HGPM021VNM mower still has the performance necessary to get your small lot looking its best.

Who is the Hart 13-inch Push Mower For?

The Hart 20V 13-inch cordless push mower is the ideal mowing solution for folks tasked with caring for a small lot or who need to get into tight spots. The mower stays compact enough to fit neatly into smaller spaces around the lawn. It’s perfect for mowing around flower beds. It’s also lightweight, so it stays extremely maneuverable.

Hart HGPM021VNM 20V Cordless 13-inch Push Lawn Mower

These particular features also make the Hart 13-inch battery-powered mower a breeze to pick up and stow away when you’re done mowing. For folks with smaller lots, it won’t take up too much extra space in the garage or shed. In fact, this 32-lb. mower folds up so easily and compactly—it can store away comfortably inside a laundry room. It even has a convenient carry handle.

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