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Ridgid Max Output Batteries and Technology

Max Output Batteries Improve Power, Runtime, and Warranty

Ridgid is releasing all-new 18V Max Output brushless tools. Alongside those tools comes their brand new 18V Max Output Battery system. These batteries offer higher levels of performance and promise increased power and runtime for any and all Ridgid brushless tools.

Max Output Batteries are the most powerful and longest-running batteries released by Ridgid to date. The advanced electronics in these packs enable users to power through even the most demanding tasks on the jobsite. They come in 2, 4, 6, and 8Ah sizes. The 8Ah pack even uses new 21700 cells for a huge boost in output and power.

When paired with their Max Output brushless tools, the batteries perform a sort of “electronic handshake” that, according to Ridgid, lets the tool/battery combo produce a 20% bump in performance over their standard batteries. Ridgid tells us that these batteries also perform better with any Ridgid 18V brushless power tools.

We need to get through our initial rounds of testing and evaluation before we know just how much of a bump you can expect—but it looks promising so far.

Ridgid uses a special cooling technology to extend battery life in the face of extreme use. With that said, they still manage to make these batteries reasonably light and compact.

The front of the pack continues to feature a 4-LED fuel gauge that displays the remaining power levels. However, it’s now even more prominent and visible. 

And as always, these batteries will be 100% backward-compatible with all Ridgid tools and chargers—past, present, and future.

Ridgid Max Outputs Batteries Now Feature Max Output Warranties

Now as if that wasn’t enough—Ridgid is extending its Lifetime Service Agreement to ALL of its batteries and chargers—that includes Max Output and their standard 18V packs. Just register them online and you’ve got free batteries, free parts, free service, FOR LIFE. Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement has always been a tough one to beat, and now no matter what work throws your way, they’ve got you pretty well covered.


The Ridgid Max Output Batteries come in a variety of configurations from your local Home Depot. We like the 4-Tool Combo Kit, which includes a hammer drill, impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, reciprocating saw, charger, 4.0Ah battery, and 2.0Ah battery. All of these tools and batteries feature the Max Output power upgrades, as well as one of the best warranties in the business. It retails for $399.

And, right now, you can pick up a single 2.0Ah battery for $99, two 2.0Ah batteries for $129, a 4.0Ah battery and charger kit for $149, or a 4.0Ah battery 2-pack for $179. More packaging configurations with different battery capacities are sure to follow in the upcoming months.

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