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New Leatherman Multi-Tool Ratcheting Screwdriver Bit Driver

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Leatherman has come out with a new ratcheting driver – a ratcheting screwdriver bit holder – for their multi-tools.

Leatherman says that their new ratcheting screwdriver attachment “adds torque to any task” and also “fits standard 1/4″ or Leatherman flat bits.”

I’m not sure about the “adds torque” part, but the standard 1/4″ hex holder and ratcheting function are certainly huge conveniences.

Leatherman Ratcheting Bit Driver with Multi-Tool

Select Leatherman multi-tools have a special screwdriver bit holder that works with their customized flat-shaped 1/4″ screwdriver bits. This allows for the bit holder to maintain a lower profile, and the screwdriver bits are also easy to store in-tool or via separate holder accessory.

Leatherman also makes a bit driver extender that gives these Leatherman multi-tools longer reach, as well as the ability to use standard 1/4″ screwdriver bits. This new ratcheting bit adapter does similar, but also has the ratcheting function for faster turning of longer-threaded fasteners.

Leatherman Ratcheting Bit Driver Accessory

Details are still coming out, but we know that the Leatherman ratchet driver is made of stainless steel and measures 3.25″ long. It also has a direction selection switch with central locking position for manual turning.


Leatherman Wave Screwdriver and Bottle Can Opener
Leatherman Wave Screwdriver and Bottle/Can Opener

The ratcheting driver works with any Leatherman tool that is equipped with a large bit holder:

  • Charge+ TTi
  • Charge+
  • MUT
  • Skeletool (CX, RX, standard)
  • Wave+
  • Surge
  • Signal
  • Heritage Charge+
  • Heritage Wave+
  • Super Tool 300M


Price: $25-$30

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