Festool Tool Shortages due to COVID Disruptions

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A reader wrote in, concerned that Festool tools were leaving Amazon. After looking into this, what I found was that certain Festool tools are simply sold out at dealers, and this looks to be a nationwide issue.

I turned to one of my go-to Festool dealers, Tool Nut, which also operates Festool Products, for answers, and they have a information page dedicated to this.

Basically, Festool has been hit hard by COVID-related shutdowns and have been unable to keep up with demand.

Festool’s products are all manufactured in and distributed from Germany, which has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19. From supply chain disruptions to lockdowns impeding manufacturing, Festool has been unable to keep up with the pace of orders and requested shipments. This has resulted in all dealers facing disrupted delivery times, cancelled stock orders and unprecedented backorders.

If there’s a particular tool or product you have been meaning to buy, preordering or backordering it is the way to go. You can always cancel later. As additional people place their orders, expected shipping times will continue to be pushed back.

In other words, if what you were looking to buy is out of stock, it will likely remain out of stock for a long time.

If you need something sooner, you might have to look at alternate tools or brands for your more immediate needs.

Festool tools and products are still shipping, but they will continue to be in preorder and backorder status until supply catches up to demand. Higher demand and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 means that nobody knows when this will be.

The Tool Nut info page has a list of ETAs that are regularly updated.

More Info via Tool Nut

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