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Winbag Max Air Shim Supports Heavier Loads

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The Winbag inflatable air shim – and other tools like it – are amazing. I bought a couple of these a while back, and they’re extremely useful for solving various alignment and awkward lifting needs.

Are you hanging a door? Slide two Winbag inflatable air shims underneath, one at each end, and it can be easily lifted and balanced.

Winbag Air Shim
Standard Winbag Air Shim

On one hand, the typical Winbag air shim is compact and easy to pack in a tool bag. But on the other hand, it has a short hose between the inflatable bag and its handheld air pump.

If you need to adjust things, down on the floor you go. Did you get back up only to realize everything was raised just a tad bit too high? Back to the floor to grab the hand pump and its deflation button.

I don’t recall what I was searching for, but I was extremely excited to have discovered the Winbag Max.

Winbag Max Air Shim Lifting Steel I-Beam

Now, this isn’t something I would necessarily buy for my own use, but it seems to be one of those “good to know there’s an upgrade” type of products.

Winbag’s product images show the Max being used more for commercial and heavy construction tasks. They don’t show it lifting a residential door frame, they show it lifting an I-beam, commercial furniture, and commercial building doors and panels.

The Winbag Max can lift up to 550 lbs, compared to 300 lbs for the standard smaller-sized Winbag.

But, what grabbed my attention wasn’t the load capacity, which I’m sure is helpful, but the much longer hose length between inflation bulb/pump and the air shim itself.

The Winbag Max also comes with a suction cup attachment so that you can secure the inflation hose off the floor to make the hand pump more easily accessible.

This isn’t a perfect remedy to the small reach of the original Winbag, but it seems convenient. And, you get the higher load capacity.

If you want the Max load capacity and longer reach, prepare to spend a lot more. The Winbag air shims are presently ~$16 for (1) or $29 for (2). The Max is $40 for (1), which is double the MSRP for the standard Winbag.

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Have you ever used inflatable air shims before? Would you use this Max version?

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