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The Mystery of the Missing Offset Jaws Bench Vises

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This is an offset bench vise, with jaws that overhang its side. When mounted to a work table, the offset jaws allow for taller objects to be held in the jaws, with longer parts extending down while also clearing the work surface.

Trademaster Offset Jaw Bench Vise

A reader wrote in, looking for such a vise to suit specific tasks. There look to be a couple of different makes and models of offset jaw bench vises and offset jaw engineers’ vises, but there’s one small problem.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching myself, and it seems that this style of vise is no longer available anywhere in the USA, at least not new and from typical industrial suppliers.

The first vise shown here is available on Amazon via a 3rd party seller for over $500. Another vise somewhat resembling the second vise is available via a another seller on Amazon for ~$200.

But, I cannot find anything similar via McMaster Carr, MSC, Grainger/Zoro, or other typical industrial suppliers I would expect to carry this type of product.

My search did turn up several seeming name brands of vises, but every single one of them is based in Australia.

So that’s two mysteries. Why aren’t these vises easily available in the USA? And why are they seemingly very plentiful in Australia?

Why are they so hard to find here, but not in Australia? It’s a mystery.

While the reader’s application allows for some flexibility, this is really the best solution for their needs.

Have you ever used a vise like this? Do you know of a modern day brand that makes a quality offset jaws vise and ships to the USA.

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