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New Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Power Cleaner

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Dewalt recently launched a new 20V Max cordless power cleaner kit, model DCPW550P1.

While not as powerful as a true pressure washer, the Dewalt DCPW550 power cleaner still delivers up to 10X the pressure of a typical garden hose. The cordless washer delivers a maximum pressure of 550 PSI and maximum flow rate of 1.0 GPM.

Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V Cordless Power Cleaner Washing a Truck

The Dewalt power cleaner comes with 4 different quick-connect nozzles, making it convenient for cleaning a wide variety of tools, equipment, tools, and buildings. Here, it’s shown being used to wash a truck.

Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V Cordless Power Cleaner Used on House Siding

With the appropriate nozzle, it can also be used to clean siding.

The following nozzles are included with the cleaner:

  • Turbo
  • 15 degrees
  • 25 degrees
  • 40 degrees

The wider the nozzle, the gentler the stream, and the narrower the nozzle angle, the more focused and greater the water pressure.

Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V Cordless Power Cleaner 5 Gallon Bucket Water Supply

Dewalt designed the 20V Max power cleaner to work in areas where a garden hose or other water connection might not be available. It can draw water from any fresh water source and includes a suction hose such as for use with a 5-gallon bucket.

Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V Cordless Power Cleaner Water Hose Connection

If you do need a water connection, the Dewalt power cleaner also has an adapter for use with typical garden hose connections.

Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V Cordless Power Cleaner Soap Dispenser

A soap bottle with nozzle can be used to apply detergent.

2 speed selections allow users to choose between higher cleaning power or longer runtime.

Dewalt DCPW550 Features & Specs

  • 550 PSI max
  • 1.0 GPM max water volume
  • 4 quick-connect nozzles
  • 1/4″ quick connect nozzle
  • Removable soap bottle with nozzle
  • Draws water via suction hose or garden hose connection
  • 2 speed selector
  • Includes 20′ suction hose

The kit, DCPW550P1, comes with a 5.0Ah battery and charger.

Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V Cordless Power Cleaner Kit Contents

Price: $199 for the kit

Buy Now via Acme Tools
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A bare tool option is also available for $149.

Bare Tool via Acme Tools

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We’ve seen similar products to this before, such as with the Worx Hydroshot cordless cleaning tool, and it seems like a great idea.

Pressure washers are typically big, bulky, hard to move, and they require a water connection source, not to mention gas or electric power.

With this Dewalt cordless cleaner, it’s compact, lightweight, and you can work with different fresh water sources if needed.

If you find that a portable or fixed water container isn’t enough, the Dewalt DCPW550 cleaner also has a water hose connection.

The new Dewalt cordless cleaner has hit the market, but it’ll take some time for supplies to meet user demands. Dewalt gave us an early 2021 ETA and retailers are providing customers with March and April 2021 shipping ETAs.

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