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Makita X-Lock Angle Grinders – 18V and Corded

3 New Makita Grinders Feature X-Lock Quick Change System

For those of you in the know about the quick convenience that the X-Lock System provides, or for anyone who just gets excited about advances in angle grinder technology, prepare to get jazzed. Makita has announced a line of angle grinders that use X-Lock accessories.

What’s the Big Deal About X-Lock?

Our first experience with this technology came from seeing the Bosch X-Lock grinder at World of Concrete. X-Lock is an accessory locking mechanism that is integrated into the gear housing for tool-free accessory changes. It includes a click-mount and pull-release lever. Combined, they make changing out wheels and accessories up to 5 times faster than traditional threaded lock-nuts. Not only does it eliminate looking for a wrench when you need to change out a wheel, but it also eliminates the possibility of over- or under-tightening the threaded lock spindles.

X-Lock technology

Additionally, X-Lock wheels are backwards compatible with standard 7/8″ arbors. This means that you can generally buy one set of accessories for use with all of the grinders on site.

It should be noted, however, that the Makita X-Lock Grinders will only work with X-Lock accessories.

Makita X-Lock Angle Grinders

In addition to the wheel change system, Makita X-Lock angle grinders have been designed with faster grinding in mind. Both cordless models use a brushless motor that provides 8,500 RPM. Spiral bevel gears deliver smoother rotations and a more efficient transfer of energy for more consistent grinding.

Makita X-Lock angle grinders

In addition, both of the 18V X-Lock angle grinders feature the following technology:

  • Automatic Speed Change – automatically adjusts your speed and torque
  • Active Feedback-Sensing Technology (AFT) – turns off the motor if the rotation suddenly slows or stops
  • Anti-Restart Protection – prevents motor startup when a new battery is inserted while the switch is set to “On”
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) – protects the tool from dust and moisture
  • Soft Start – promotes longer motor life
  • Star Protection Computer Controls

The Makita GA4570 corded grinder offers a 7.5-amp motor with an AC/DC slide switch that allows use with alternative power sources. Makita designed this compact tool with a 2-1/2″ diameter barrel. And, for durability, it uses a ball-bearing design and metal gear housing, plus a series of protective seals and varnish-sealed armature.

Makita X-Lock Grinders Side by Side

Model XAG25Z XAG26Z GA4570
Description 18V 4-1/2″ / 5″ X-Lock Angle Grinder with AFT 18V 4-1/2″ / 5″ X-Lock Angle Grinder with AFT 4-1/2″ X-Lock Angle Grinder
Power Type 18V LXT Li-ion Battery 18V LXT Li-ion Battery 120V Corded
Wheel Diameter 5″ 5″ 4-1/2″
No Load Speed 8,500 RPM 8,500 RPM 11,000 RPM
Spindle Type X-Lock X-Lock X-Lock
Lock-On Switch Yes No Yes
Lock-Off Switch No Yes No
Switch Type Slide Paddle Slide
Electric Brake No Yes No
Variable Speed Dial No No No
Length 14-3/4″ 14-3/4″ 11-3/8″
Weight 6 lbs. (with 18V 5.0Ah battery) 6.6 lbs. (with 18V 5.0Ah battery) 5.1 lbs.
Price $156 $179 $89

Pricing and Availability

You can grab these Makita X-Lock grinders now at Acme Tools, Amazon, or The Home Depot. The Makita cordless X-Lock grinders include a 3-year warranty, while the corded model comes with a 1-year warranty.

Makita will also release a range of X-Lock accessories. These will include diamond blades, grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, flap discs, and wire abrasives.

For more information about the Makita X-Lock Grinders, as well as a full listing of X-Lock accessories, visit Makita by clicking here.

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