Felo Wood-Handled Screwdriver Set, a Modern Classic

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Update 2/22/21: This Felo beech wood-handled screwdriver set is back down in price to $20. While not for everyone, these are quality screwdrivers I own and can recommend. This post was originally published on 8/23/19.

If you prefer screwdrivers made of space-age plastics with names you might have trouble pronouncing, don’t buy this Felo screwdriver set.

If you have sweaty hands, wipe them somewhere and then you can use these Felo wood-handled screwdrivers with minimal slipping.

Is it fun to watch screwdrivers roll off the table? Don’t bother with these, they have an anti-roll design.

Felo screwdrivers have great quality tips that are durable and offer good fastener engagement. What a bummer for anyone who likes to complain about how soft and deformed their screwdrivers are after the first use.

Felo Beech Wood Handled Screwdriver Striking Handle

A built-in leather handle cap to protect the tools when struck by a hammer? Who needs that?

Felo Beech Wood Handled Screwdriver Hex Bolster

There’s also a hex bolster which can be turned with a wrench for additional torque. Meh, good luck fitting a pipe wrench on there.

Beechwood? That sounds made-up.

Silliness aside, these are quality screwdrivers. I bought a set years ago, and while they’re not my “daily drivers” – get it?! – I appreciate the feel of them and load them in my toolbox every so often. They’re fantastic screwdrivers, although they’re not for everyone. I wouldn’t use these for automotive work, but they should be fine for lots of other tasks that don’t involve grease or chemicals.

It sounds a little cheesy, but these screwdrivers are a treat to use.

Felo Wood Handle 5pc Screwdriver Set Sizes

  • Phillips #1, #2
  • Slotted 5.5, 7.0, 9.0 mm

Price: $20 via Amazon $22 via Acme Tools

Buy Now via Amazon
Buy Now via Acme Tools

The model number is 22155.

Also consider Felo’s Ergonic screwdriver set. Their Ergonic screwdriver handles have internal cushioning and a rubbery texture. The wood-handled screwdrivers have a warmer feel to them, although it’s probably just in my head, but the Ergonic drivers allow for a stronger grip and can supposedly (and believably) deliver greater torque.

See Also: Felo Ergonic via Amazon

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