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Lowe’s Tape Measure Tips

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Lowe’s shared some Kobalt tape measure tips on social media, and I’ve been debating whether they’re helpful or not.

One of the tips is that you can use the tape for inside measurements. Inside of bending the tape measure, you can simply use the rear of the tape measure body as the reference end opposite the hook.

I thought everyone knew this one. There is a measurement at the bottom of nearly every tape measure, indicating how much to add if using the rear of the tape body instead of where the tape enters its return slot.

It’s a practical tip, and perhaps one that beginners don’t know about.

Even though many of us already know that one, it’s a good tip.

Lowes Kobalt Tape Measure Used as an Eraser

Stray mark? “Turn it over and just use it as an eraser.”

If this was a finished surface where you don’t want a pencil mark to show, there’s a chance the black rubbery grip material will leave mars or streaks.

I vaguely recall trying this once or twice in the past, and can’t remember if it worked or not.

This one doesn’t seem as helpful, but it could potentially work. What do you think?

Lowes Kobalt Tape Measure with Carpenter Pencil

Lastly, they show a flat-style carpenter pencil secured to the belt clip, for marking measurements.

This doesn’t seem like a very precise way to mark off measurements, but what about rough or close-enough measurements? It seems good to know.

I’m not going to run off and try this, but I’ll keep it in the back of mind.

So that’s 1 tip for beginners, 1 “I’m not sure that would work, but maybe” tip, and 1 tip that was completely new to me.

Here’s their post: