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New Dewalt “Push and Flip” Folding Utility Knives

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Dewalt launched 2 new folding utility knives, with both featuring a one-handed “push and flip” opening mechanism.

This style of wrist-flip folding utility knife has become quite popular in recent years, with Milwaukee’s FastBack knife perhaps being the most recognizable.

Dewalt Push and Flip Folding Utility Knife DWHT10992

The Dewalt DWHT10992 Push and Flip knife features a blade change lever, and a “gut hook” for making quick cuts with the knife closed.

Dewalt Push and Flip Folding Utility Knife DWHT10992 with Blade Storage

It also features built-in storage for up to 5 spare blades.

Dewalt Push and Flip Folding Utility Knife DWHT10991

The other new knife is the DWHT10991, which lacks the internal blade storage and “handle “gut hook” cutting slot.

Dewalt Push and Flip Folding Utility Knife DWHT10992 Closed with Pocket Clip

Both utility knives fold closed into a compact package, with a reversible wire pocket clip.

Dewalt Push and Flip Folding Utility Knife DWHT10992 Deep Pocket Clip

The pocket clip is “deep carry” style, allowing it to sit lower in your pocket.

Price: $15 with blade storage, $14 without

Both of the new knives are available now.


I have had very mixed experiences with Dewalt’s folding retractable knives over the years, and the same with Stanley folding knives.

I continue to favor Dewalt ergonomic fixed-handle retractable utility knives, but have strongly favored Milwaukee’s FastBack folding utility knives.

Stanley Black & Decker offers a very wide range of utility knives via their Craftsman, Dewalt, Irwin, and Lenox tool brands. It will be very interesting to see how well these “Push and Flip” utility knives perform, and if we will see adopt across SBD’s other brands.

While the concept is not original, the execution looks relatively clean and polished.

There’s a good chance I’ll pick one up – I’m curious as to how well it holds its own against Milwaukee’s iconic FastBack knives, which have been updated umpteen times now.