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X-Acto Makes a Retractable Hobby Knife

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Most tool users pick up a hobby knife at some time or another, as there’s no equal when it comes to precise cutting tasks.

I’ve seen all kinds of hobby knives, from X-Acto, Excel, and others, but I’ve never seen one like this before. It’s retractable!

One of the most frustrating parts about hobby or precision knives is how easy it is to misplace the small and often transparent plastic caps.

It seems that this one doesn’t need a cap.

Might it even be pocketable? I wouldn’t recommend it, but maybe the retractable design makes this model more compact than others.

X-Acto says that their Retract-A-Blade knife comes with a standard #11 blade, and it should be compatible with other similarly-sized blades.

The knife has a triangular grip for added control.

From the images, there are 3 positions – closed, extended for use, and full extended for blade changes.

I strayed from X-Acto brand products a few years ago, preferring other brands’ knife handle blade clamps better. This one, similar to other X-Acto knives, has its blade clamp collar towards the front end of the knife, but I don’t see what else they could have done.

Reviews on Amazon seem mixed.

Price: $12-13