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Should Tool Boxes with Drawers Include a Full Set of Dividers?

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Klein’s ModBox tool boxes with drawers – which were teased a year ago – are now available, and they bring up an interesting question.

Should modular tool boxes with drawers include a full set of removable dividers?

Milwaukee did this for their newest tool boxes with drawers, and also started included full sets of dividers for their original drawer tool boxes.

Originally, Milwaukee only included enough dividers to outfit just one drawer, and additional sets of dividers were available separately.

Klein Modbox 3-Drawer Tool Box with Dividers

The new Klein ModBox 3-drawer tool box is advertised as being bundled with 24 removable dividers – 8 per drawer. So that’s 2 long dividers and 6 short ones per drawer.

On one hand, consider users who don’t plan to use dividers in each drawer. Well, a full set of dividers is bound to factor into the cost. Right? Wouldn’t it be better for users who want more dividers to spend a little extra to get them?

On the other hand, accessorizing tool boxes can be a pain. If a user is spending $150, they’re not going to want to add more dividers at $10 per drawer – or whatever it is they’d cost.

I saw so many complaints about Milwaukee’s practice of only giving buyers enough dividers for a single drawer per tool box.

It wasn’t an unusual practice, and it makes sense in some ways, but users didn’t like it.

Even with me, I could have used more dividers, but I didn’t want to pay extra for them.

Klein has obviously been keeping an eye on customer sentiments.

This is the type of practice where logic and emotion disagree with each other. Logically, isn’t it better for users who want more dividers to buy them separately? Emotionally, they can be hard to find, and they’re not inexpensive – especially if you need to outfit several drawers.

When you’re spending $150+ on a premium plastic tool box, you expect it to include everything you need to use it to its full potential.

It’s like how steel tool storage products typically come with precut drawers liners these days. That wasn’t always the case, but it’s been the trend for a while.

All that said, if you’re buying a premium-priced modular tool box with drawers today, do you expect it to come with a full set of dividers for every drawer?

Or would you rather save a few bucks upfront and buy divider sets later if needed?