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Metabo HPT Launched an Upgraded MultiVolt Battery

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Metabo HPT has launched a new MultiVolt battery, 380083M, which is described as being impact and water resistant.

The new Metabo HPT MultiVolt battery has a 2.5Ah capacity when used with 36V tools, and a 2.5Ah/5Ah (36V/18V) capacity.

Metabo HPT says “a waterproof barrier exists for the internal cell terminals and twin exit ports for water that gets inside the battery pack.”

The added water resistance is “for better defense against moisture related short circuiting.”

There is no published IP rating for the water protection.

The battery sports updated impact protection, with a new “protective layer [that] provides 15% more shock absorption and a longer battery life than previous models.”

The new battery is priced at $140, which is the same as for Metabo HPT’s existing MultiVolt 2.5Ah/5Ah battery, 371751M.

Price: $140


It’s unclear as to whether the upgraded battery will be replacing the existing model.

The battery is described as being impact and water resistant, but doesn’t have an IP rating. As it’s described as having better defense against moisture, I think it might be best to assume the battery is water resistant rather than waterproof.

In other words, it’s been toughened up and made more durable, but until informed or corrected otherwise, I’m considering this to be an upgrade and replacement battery, rather than a battery for specific applications where actually waterproofing is required.