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Home Depot Deal on Dewalt 20V Max 3Ah Battery

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Home Depot has the Dewalt 20V Max 3Ah battery on sale for just $39.

This is a great price for a Dewalt cordless power tool battery. While this 3Ah battery doesn’t have the most modern or highest-performing Li-ion cell tech, it should be a suitable choice for low-demand tools.

The same battery was bundled in a 4-pack for $159 a couple of months ago, which is about the same price.

Dewalt 20V Max 3Ah Battery New Style 4-Pack

But, that 4-pack required you to buy 4 batteries.

If you just want one or two batteries – or even three – $39 each is quite good.

Actually, if you want four, this deal works out a little better. Plus, the 4-pack isn’t available for $139 anymore. Amazon has the 4-pack for $149, but it’s not in stock. Home Depot has the 4-pack in stock, but at $199.

Whether you want 1, 2, 4, or more of these batteries, $39 each can’t be beat.

Home Depot doesn’t look to have a lot of these batteries in stock, and from the fulfilment options, it seems they’re only available in-store or via local store delivery.

Price: $39

There are always promos on Dewalt’s 20V Max cordless power tool batteries, but I couldn’t find many alternate deals on higher capacity batteries that are worth mentioning.

For example, Home Depot has the 20V Max 6Ah battery 2-pack for $179, but I don’t feel it’s as noteworthy as a 3Ah battery for $39.

Is it worth it to buy 3Ah batteries in today’s age?

I wouldn’t consider this for demanding use, but for a cordless drill, impact driver, or compact saw, I’d rather have a 3Ah at the ready than have to constantly swap batteries back and forth. Or, this could be a backup for when a 5Ah or higher capacity battery is on the charger.

This promo enables users to equip two tools with batteries for under $100.

I say all this because I know some might be repulsed at the idea of spending money on “old tech.” However, there are valid reasons to buy such batteries today.