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Which Cordless Drill Would You Buy Today?

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Your cordless drill – all of them – just disappeared.

Poof. No more drill.

Which do you buy today to replace it?

You can buy another cordless drill down the road, so this doesn’t have to be an “I need the best and most powerful drill available” type of scenario – although it can be.

I’d be tempted to look at heavy duty models by Milwaukee and Dewalt, but I use a more compact drill maybe 95% of the time.

I also don’t stick to just one brand, although I do have my favorites.

I would go with an 18V-class compact brushless drill, but not necessarily a value-centered model. The voltage might not be 18V – it might be 22V, 24V Max, or even 36V or 40V Max.

I narrowed my choice to 3 models, but don’t want to risk influencing yours.

Is money an option? Would having a bigger budget change your answer?

Now for a tougher question – does your hypothetical pick align with your current kit, or cordless drills you’re already using? Or would you split from what you use and go with something completely different?

Does the brand or cordless battery system play a part in your choice? What other factors influenced your decision?