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Vyper Modular Tool Cart – Hot or Not?

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The Vyper X32 is a USA-made modular tool cart that can be customized with optional attachments and extensions.

It’s built with 16 gauge wrinkle powder-coated steel, and is advertised as having a 1250 lb weight capacity. The cart weighs 78 lbs empty.

Vyper ships the cart disassembled, and with 3 shelves and a single accessory rack.

Vyper X32 Cart Buy Once Cry Once

I’ve seen Vyper’s shop stools before (see also: 25 Cool Tools, Gear, Gift Ideas!), and wasn’t aware they made carts.

I came across the new Vyper X32 cart in one of the company’s recent social media post, where they are advertising it with the idiom “buy once, cry once.”

Vyper says “grab yours while supplies last.” Frankly, that’s not reassuring when talking about a modular system that takes what look to be proprietary add-ons and accessories, but maybe we can chalk it up to generic marketing speak.

Vyper X32 Cart in Red

The Vyper tool cart is available in 3 colors – red, black, and blue.

Vyper X32 Cart in Black with Tools and Accessories

Add-on accessory panels are priced at $30 and up, depending on the size, and tool holders are priced from $15 and up.

The cart by itself, with a side handle, 3 shelves, and 1 accessory rack, is priced at $795.

Dimensions and Specs

  • 32″ L x 20″ W x 38″ H
  • Weighs 78 lbs
  • Holds 1250 lbs
  • 6″ casters
  • 7.25″ clearance height
  • 14.25″ between shelves

Price: $795 with free shipping


Okay – so do you think this is HOT, or NOT?

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the design.

Close to $800 seems like a lot for a bare bones cart, but is a fraction of what some specialty carts can cost. Inovativ Voyager video production carts, for example, start at around $3000.

A customized Vyper X32, with a couple of racks and tool holders, comes out to around $1000. You can build one out for less, but it’s not clear to me what kinds of other tool holders – if any – will work with Vyper’s slot system.

The cart is customizable, and I don’t recall seeing anything like it. There are plenty of tool carts, detailing carts, utility carts, and similar, but not like this one.

Who is this cart designed for? High-end automotive detailing shops, influencers and others with deep pockets that like to flex their setups on social media? Both? Other types of users?

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