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Yeti Loadout 5 Gallon Bucket – for Tools?

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I came across an ad for a fully-accessorized Yeti Loadout 5 gallon bucket, and it seemed very reasonably priced at $40.

But it’s not $40, that’s the price for just the bucket.

Looking for more details, Yeti lists the fully accessorized bucket at $130. It’s available in multiple colors, with “seafoam” shown above.

The combination comes with:

  • 5-Gallon Bucket – $40
  • Bucket Utility Gear Belt – $40
  • Removable 3-Compartment Caddy – $20
  • Lid – $30
Yeti Bucket Holding Tools

I can appreciate the concept.

There is no shortage of 5-gallon bucket accessories out there, and a system like this, although limited, seems elegant.

But the price…

There are a lot of alternative options, for both tool and recreational use, that come close to the offering similar functionality for a lot less money.

Yeti Bucket Features

The Yeti bucket has all kinds of features, most with trademarked names.

It doesn’t have a non-slip base, it has a BEARFOOT non-slip ring. The handles? HEFTYHAULER and LIPGRIP.

The bucket weighs nearly 6 lbs empty.

I can’t help but wonder if I’d see greater appeal in this if not for the sticker shock.

There are many premium tool storage and mobility solutions that are highly recommended by their users. Feedback from Milwaukee Packout, Veto Pro Pac, or Occidental Leather product users, for example, often convey that the performance and quality are worth the price.

Is that the case here?

There are often jokes about pro tool users showing up to jobsites with DIY-grade tools. What’d be your take if someone showed up to a jobsite with their gear in a Yeti cooler?

Or, have you used the Yeti Loadout bucket and found it to be a heavy duty and viable alternative to common home center-style buckets?

Forget the accessories and add-ons. What about just the bucket at $40?