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Gearwrench Takes on Snap-on and Other Tool Truck Brands

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Gearwrench has adopted a new marketing focus in recent months, and it seems they’re trying to appeal to pro users who might otherwise go with Snap-on and other tool truck brands.

In a recent post, Gearwrench featured an image saying “don’t play by their rules.” Their caption read:

Big Tool franchise brands will tell you that those eye-popping price tags are totally justified and it’s the logo on your tools that’s most important, not what they can help you accomplish. So tell us – do you believe them?

Around the start of this year, Gearwrench posted:

For what Big Tool brands charge for just a box, you should be able to get a whole master tool set. And now, you’re able to. Check out our website to preview our new master sets with MEGA value.

Gearwrench 10K Tool Box Should Come with Tools Post

An earlier post said “think a $10K tool box should come with tools?”

They’ve got a point.

Gearwrench MegaMod MRO 614pc Master Technician Tool Set

Many of Gearwrench’s posts are also advertising their new MegaMod mechanics tool sets.

Gearwrench Mechanic Experience Post

Gearwrench’s MegaMod tool sets can be pricey – they range from $4,000 to $14,800.

But outfitting your kit with tool truck brands’ tools and tool boxes will set you back further, and lead a lot of new and seasoned pros to get into debt and long-term payment plans.

I have heard about tool truck debt over the years, and how many professional automotive tech can spend their entire paychecks on new tools, especially as they first build up their kit. Others have bought more than they could immediately afford, and then a chunk of their paycheck would go towards monthly tool payments.

There’s benefit to the tool truck business model, but “tool truck debt” is a real issue.

There are more easily-available alternatives today, and it seems to have become more socially acceptable for younger techs to go with brands other than Snap-on, Matco, Mac, and similar, for their tool boxes and tools.

I can’t say whether tool truck debt is as big an issue as it was, or if it got worse, but I’m inclined to think it’s still around.

Snap-on Epiq 60-inch Tool Cabinet in Red

This is a Snap-on Epiq-series 60″ 10-drawer tool cabinet. I selected this one at random from their online product catalog for a pricing example.

It’s priced at $13,905. Nearly $14K, for a 60″ roller cabinet tool box.

I think it’s safe to assume that many individual users are likely to buy something like that on credit.

Gearwrench 873pc MegaMod Tool Set with Roller Cabinet and Top Chest

This Gearwrench MegaMod bundle features an 871pc tool set, plus a 41″ roller cabinet with top tool chest. At the time of this posting, it retails for $6,600. It’s less than half the price of the Snap-on set.

Just looking at the tool storage, you’re not getting Snap-on features, quality, or expandability, but you’ve got a box with tools. Upgrade what and when you need to.

Gearwrench isn’t the only lower-priced alternative to premium tool truck brands. Their current marketing strategy caught my attention, and I have a feeling they’re going to sing the same song for quite some time.

I started off thinking that of course they’re promoting their own pricey MegaMod tool assortments. It seemed like an odd approach for Gearwrench, but at the same time they don’t seem to be exaggerating anything.

Harbor Freight often has price comparisons for many of their products, and sometimes they have elaborate rundowns, such as this one for their 56″ Icon tool storage system as it compares to a leading tool truck brand.

Gearwrench isn’t just saying their tools are a better value, which has been true for years, they’re now drawing more attention to tool truck debts.

Granted Gearwrench is doing this to sell their own products, but anything done to raise attention to and potentially reduce tool truck debt is a good thing.

At the same time, I feel that Gearwrench’s new MegaMod offerings are a low-effort attempt to jump into the modular tool sets and components market. They’re lagging far behind other brands in this space, and don’t seem to have done anything innovative.