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New Dewalt FlexVolt-Powered Cordless Welder by Esab

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Dewalt and Esab partnered together to produce a new FlexVolt-powered cordless welder.

The Esab Renegade Volt ES200i is powered by (4) Dewalt FlexVolt batteries.

When equipped with 12Ah batteries, the Dewalt-powered Esab cordless wleder can burn up to 33 (E6013) electrodes per single charge.

It can deliver a output of 200A on 230V AC power, or up to 150A when powered by Dewalt FlexVolt batteries.

The welder features an AMP+ hybrid power mode for extra power. In this mode, the Renegade Volt welder supplements AC power with battery power, to “prevent nuisance trips on smaller breaker sizes,” or to “provide more output when welding on 120V input.”

It can be powered by 120V AC, 230V AC, Dewalt batteries, or AC + battery power in the Amp+ hybrid mode.

Esab Renegade Cordless Welder Powered by Dewalt FlexVolt

The welder is capable of GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (stick) welding, with a 5/32″ max electrode size.

Esab describes the new welder as having the “first power source with no limitations.”

Esag Renegade Dewalt FlexVolt Cordless Welder Size Comparison

The cordless welder is said to be 5X smaller and lighter than traditional welder generators.

It weighs 26 lbs without the battery box, and 54 lbs with the battery box and 4x FlexVolt 12Ah batteries.

Esag Renegade Dewalt FlexVolt Cordless Welder Battery Box

The battery box can be removed and carried separately for easier portability.


The package comes with the Renegade Volt power source, detachable battery box, 4x Dewalt FlexVolt 12Ah batteries, a 4-port fast charger, electrode holder, ground clamp, and shoulder strap.

Price: $3599

The new cordless welder is available at Esab welding supply dealers.