Bizarre Home Depot Deal Math – March 2024

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Here’s another round of bizarre retail math, featuring a couple of Ridgid 18V cordless power tool listings at Home Depot.

You can buy a Ridgid 18V 4Ah battery for $69, or two for $169.

Usually, it’s battery 2-packs that are promo, priced, but in this case you can buy (2) of the same batteries for less individually than via the 2-pack.

OR, rather than $169 for the 2-pack, you can get the same (2) batteries plus a charger and tool bag for $79, or just $10 more than the price for just (1) battery.

They also have a 2-port charger with (2) 4Ah batteries and (2) 2Ah batteries for $159, which is $10 less than the price of just the 4Ah batteries.

Shop carefully!

Ridgid LED Work Lights at Home Depot Funky Math

Consider this Ridgid 18V LED worklight.

It’s $149 by itself, or $99 with a battery and charger. If you want the worklight, it’s obviously better to opt for the kit with a battery and charger, even if were just looking for the tool-only worklight.

The kit is $99. But it’s also $199. Huh?

And at the same price, there’s also a $199 bundle with the tool-only worklight plus (2) 4Ah batteries, a charger, and tool bag.

But wait. As we established above, the (2) batteries and charger are $79 separately.

So for $99 for the light with battery and charger plus $79 for the 2-battery starter kit, that’s $178 for the light, 2x chargers, and (3) batteries, plus a tool bag.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Power Tool Kit at Home Depot Funky Math

I also came across some bizarre retail math involving Milwaukee’s M12 Fuel 2-tool combo kit.

The 2-tool kit plus a bonus battery is $229. Add in a Shockwave bit set, and the price is still $299.

But then there’s another listing where the same 2-tool kit and bonus battery as a single SKU is $199.

It looks like the $199 kit bundle was a deal of the day or similar, as its price went back to $229 today.

Today, there are 3 different $229 listings for the same M12 Fuel combo kit, with one offering a bonus bundled battery and bit set at the same price.

Home Depot often has very aggressive sales pricing on specific kits, model numbers, or bundles. They come up in searches, but you have to know what to look for.

Personally, I search with keywords, and then also model numbers, and things usually brings up all available options.

Dewalt ToughSystem 3pc Combo Set with Tool Tray Insert

While we’re at it, this Dewalt 4pc ToughSystem tool box combo is back in stock. It’s been strangely priced for a while now, and I consider it a hidden gem of sorts.

This 4pc bundle is priced at $178.

The 3pc tool box tower is currently priced at $269, and the same if you buy the components separately – $119 for the rolling tool box, $85 for the large tool box, and $65 for the small tool box.

The tray sells for $13 individually.

Add in a small tray, and the combined price drops by nearly $100.

Long story short, shop carefully, as you can sometimes get more for less money.

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