Makita USA Stealth-Drops New XGT Jig Saws

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Makita USA has quietly launched 2 new XGT cordless jig saws (finally!) in both D-handle and barrel-grip styles.

Both Makita XGT jig saws feature a brushless motor, a variable speed control dial, and chip blower.

The new cordless jig saws also feature a “no-load speed reduction feature with a disabling mode that automatically reduces SPM [strokes per minute] for more accurate cutting starts.”

This is similar to a soft-start, where the speed ramps up after power is engaged. It’s not new; some older Makita cordless jig saws also have a “soft no-load” speed reduction feature.

Maktia XGT Jig Saw D-Handle GVJ02Z

The Makita D-handle jig saw, GVJ02Z, has a 800-3500 SPM speed range with 6-speed control dial, and a 2-finger variable speed trigger switch with lock-on button.

Maktia XGT Jig Saw Barrel Grip Handle GVJ01Z

The barrel grip version, GVJ01Z, has “dual ambidextrous” on/off buttons, and similar 6-mode speed dial.

Both tools have a separate lock-out button.

Makita claims that their new cordless jig saws delivers up to 20% faster cutting speed.

These speed and performance claims are in comparison to Makita’s 18V brushless jig saws, XVJ01Z (barrel grip) and XVJ02Z (D-handle), respectively.

The new XGT barrel grip saw is also said to have up to 30% less vibration output than its 18V counterpart.

Price: $339 for D-handle, $349 for barrel grip, tool-only

We previously wrote about the XGT barrel grip jig saw, which was announced overseas last year:

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