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New Wera Zyklop Comfort Ratchet

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Wera has launched a new Zylop Comfort ratchet, with a plastic-encased handle designed to deliver a “pleasant feel.”

The plastic-coated handle is designed to provide a warmer feel in colder temperatures, and can also provide some protection to work surfaces that might otherwise be damaged or marred by a typical all-metal tool.

The Wera Zyklop Comfort has a 3/8″ square drive with 80T gearing for a 4.5° return angle.

Wera Zyklop Comfort Ratchet 8010B

It has a quick-release socket lock and a reversing lever.

US pricing and availability details are not yet available. I asked Wera Tools North America for this information, but have not yet heard back.


Wera Zyklop VDE Ratchet

Wera already has a similar VDE ratchet. It seems to me that the new model simply uses a different material, or maybe the same plastic material just in a different color scheme.

Composite-handle ratchets tend to be popular for their warmer feel in cold temperatures. Metal handles, due to their high thermal conductivity, will essentially wick heat from your fingers, which is why they feel cold in lower temperatures.

With plastic being a thermal insulator, heat transfer will be slower, and thus the ratchet won’t feel as cold.

The non-marring aspect is also worth keeping in mind.