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New Makita XGT “Dustproof” Cordless Circular Saws

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Makita has announced two new XGT cordless circular saws, KS003G, and KS004G, which are described to be dustproof.

While “dustproof” might not be a perfect translation, but of the new Makita XGT circular saws do feature large clear shrouds and a top-mounted vacuum, dust collection port.

The KS003G circular saw, shown above, is designed with a dust box that can be used with or without a dust collection vacuum.

Makita KS003G XGT Cordless Circular Saw

The KS003G, shown here, has a smaller dust cover that requires a dust collector vacuum to be attached.

Makita XGT Cordless Circular Saws with Dustproof Shrouds

The saws are identical, except for the shroud design. The KS003G has a front-mounted dust port, while the KS004G’s shroud has its dust port is in the rear.

A dust collection vacuum can be used with the KS004G, and Makita marketing language suggests one must be used with the KS003G.

Both saws have a 125mm (5″) blade with a 40.5mm (1.59″) maximum cutting depth. This means it can cut 40mm thick wood in one pass. That’s about the thickness of 2x construction lumber.

Makita KS004G XGT Cordless Circular Saw Used on Construction Materials

From translated descriptions, both saws are designed for high cut-line visibility, a narrow profile, and also “excellent center of gravity balance.”

The “center balance” has been optimized, with the battery and handle moved closer to the saw blade.

There are 2 performance modes – a speed mode for high-speed cutting of plasterboard and siding, and a “quiet eco mode” for “peace of mind even in places where noise is a concern, such as outdoors or at a renovation site.”

Both saws have IP56-rated protection from dust and water.

The new circular saws are AWS-compatible, for wireless activation of compatible and equipped dust extractor vacuums. Optional AWS modules are required, and sold separately.

At this time it is uncertain whether Makita will be launching the new XGT 40V Max cordless circular saws in the USA. There’s also no indication about whether there will be an 18V version of either model.


I think that track compatibility would make these perfect, but they seem highly compelling as-is.

Both saws are depicted cutting a range of construction materials, and it’s not clear from the product details whether there are different application recommendations for the two saws. I take it that one must be used with a dust collection vacuum attached, and the other has a collection shroud that could be used with a dust collection vacuum.

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