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Lowe’s Price Changes on ToughBuilt and Klein Modular Tool Boxes

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A couple of readers have pointed out price changes at Lowe’s on ToughBuilt and Klein modular tool boxes. I have noticed the same.

Lowe’s raised the pricing on at least several ToughBuilt StackTech tool boxes, compared to their launch pricing just a few weeks and months ago.

Recently, they lowered the prices of select Klein ModBox tool boxes, with promotional language saying they’ll be on sale thru May 1st, 2024. According to my notes, the lower pricing went into effect back to December.

One reader (thank you Kenneth) mentioned that their local Lowe’s store applied discounts to Klein ModBox tool boxes in-store as well. I saw similar at my closest Lowe’s store, as well as online.

My Lowe’s store received the latest wave of new ToughBuilt StackTech products, but put them in the overhead shelving, way out of reach.

Klein has started launching ModBox-compatible tool and accessory kits. They’re available at independent sellers, but I haven’t spotted them at Lowe’s yet.

Meanwhile, it seems Lowe’s pushed Flex StackPack tool boxes and storage accessories completely out of stores. There’s no dedicated shelf space for them – I only found a couple of stragglers in overhead shelving, presumably where they’ll wait for either online orders or the next holiday promotional event.

At the time of this posting, here is how much it would cost to buy a “standard” 3pc tool box combo from each of Lowe’s premium tool box brands:

Flex Stack Pack

Flex Total: $253.37 online for my zip code, $309 at full price

Klein ModBox

Klein Total: $270

ToughBuilt StackTech

ToughBuilt Total: $300

I ordered ToughBuilt StackTech crates before the end of the year, and they were $50 each before “buy more, save more” discount. They’re now $55 each.

I would swear that the new 3-drawer tool box launched at $149. It’s now $169.

Home Depot Systems Pricing

For comparison, here are Home Depot’s 3 top modular tool box options:

Dewalt ToughSystem

Dewalt Total: $269, although I’d recommend the 4pc combo now that it’s back in stock

Milwaukee Packout:

Milwaukee Total: $309

Ridgid Pro Gear:

Ridgid Total: $179 combo, $200 a la carte