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Nail Gun Head-to-Head Video | Top Picks For Framers, Staplers, and Pin Nailers

Looking for the best nail gun in 2024? In this nail gun video we cover our top picks from a wide variety of categories including framing nailers, pin nailers, narrow crown staplers, and brad nailers in pneumatic, battery, and gas powered varieties. We feature products from top brands in the industry like Milwaukee, Metabo HPT, Paslode, and DeWalt, give you a closer look as to what these products have to offer, and share where you can buy them and how much they’ll cost you.

Key insights on the Nail Gun Video

  • 🔋 The Milwaukee M18 fuel nailer is a powerful cordless framing nailer available in both 21° and 30°, providing the flexibility to use any off-the-shelf nails.
  • 💪 The Milwaukee nail gun stands out for its power, consistency, and ease of use, making it a top choice for framing work.
  • 🔧 Metabo HPT nail gun offers pro level performance at a budget-friendly price, making it a great option for carpenters.
  • 🔧 Milwaukee’s second gen 18 gauge finish nailer offers improved accuracy and increased rate of fire, making it a tool that everybody can benefit from.
  • 💪 Milwaukee’s narrow crown stapler has a lot of power and can sink quinch narrow crown staples up to 1 and 1/2 in in length, even into Oak and Cherry, without any problems.
  • 💼 The DeWalt 23 gauge nailer offers a tool-free Jam Release, reversible belt hook, and tool-free depth adjustment, making it a well-designed and versatile option for precise nail placement.
  • 💥 The Milwaukee M12 pin nailer offers excellent visibility and no firing delay, along with a two-stage trigger to prevent accidental firing, making it a top choice for detail trim work.

The best nail guns for framing, finishing, and narrow crown stapling are the Metabo HBT NR90 AES1, Milwaukee M18 fuel nailer, and Milwaukee M18 fuel narrow Crown stapler, offering power, consistency, ease of use, and portability for carpenters and woodworkers.

  • 00:00 🔨 Metabo HBT NR90 AES1 framing nailer is the best pneumatic nail gun for framing, while the Milwaukee M18 fuel nailer is a great battery-powered option.
  • 01:20 💡 Milwaukee nail gun has power, consistency, and ease of use, with good visibility, easy depth adjustment, and electronic switch between firing modes, costing $329 for the tool and $479 for the kit, while the Paslode CFN 325 XP offers portability without the weight of batteries or the need for a hose or compressor.
  • 02:03 🔨 Gas framing nailer with a little battery that fires quickly and delivers 12200 shots, and a lightweight pneumatic finish nailer is the best choice.
  • 03:05 🔨 Metabo HPT nail gun has great features, is lightweight, and affordable, making it a great choice for carpenters.
  • 03:35 🔨 Milwaukee’s M18 fuel line 18 gauge finish nailer is a second gen tool with improved accuracy and firing speed, making it a great investment for woodworkers and trim or cabinetry workers.
  • 04:29 💡 The Milwaukee M18 fuel narrow Crown stapler is the top pick for narrow Crown stapling due to its quick firing, power, adjustability, and ability to sink staples into Oak and Cherry.
  • 05:21 🔥 DeWalt 23 gauge pin nailer is recommended for its well-designed features and warranty coverage.
  • 06:26 🔨 Milwaukee M12 pin nailer is the best due to its lightness, compactness, visibility, no firing delay, and two-stage trigger.