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Greenworks PowerHub Home Energy Storage System

Greenworks PowerHub Home Energy System Gives Homeowners Energy Independence

Here in Florida, we’ve dealt with our fair share of power loss due to hurricanes and storms, but losing power due to a natural disaster is something that most people can relate to, regardless of your location. The Greenworks PowerHub aims to kill two birds with one stone, giving you an energy backup system that you can use when the grid fails, as well as storing energy for use during expensive, peak times. We’re looking at how this system works and what benefits it poses for homeowners looking for energy independence.

Greenworks PowerHub Energy Storage System: Overview

  • Model: Greenworks 8200902
  • Modular design
  • 10kW or 20 kW capacity
  • Max battery power: 11.1 kW
  • Max PV power input: 15.2 kW
  • Max inverter power: 7.6 kW AC
  • Stackable up to 80kWh
  • Works with new or existing solar systems (AC or DC)
  • Interior or exterior installation
  • Stores energy from the grid or home solar system
  • App-based control

The Greenworks PowerHub system uses an LFP lithium-ion battery, coupled with a hybrid inverter, solar panels, a generator, or the utility grid to provide you with power in any conditions. Greenworks tells us it gives you the potential to reduce or even eliminate your electric utility bill, depending on your power source.

For power coming from the utility grid, this system stores energy during off-peak hours to be used during expensive peak hours. If you have solar panels, they commonly generate more power than your home uses during the day. The Greenworks PowerHub keeps this extra energy so you can use it during power outages or expensive peak energy hours.

In the event of a power outage, most homeowners aren’t aware that solar panels must also be shut down. This is because leaving them active has the risk or back-feeding power to the grid, which could be life-threatening to utility line workers. The PowerHub automatically disconnects your home from the grid and directs solar power to the on-site battery, keeping your home up and running.

Greenworks PowerHub Design

This system allows you to stack up to four PowerHubs in parallel for a power capacity of up to 80kWh. Despite this, Greenworks tells us its compact design doesn’t take up valuable space in your garage, home, or shop.

The 20kWh PowerHub protrudes just 5.7 inches from the wall, standing 65 inches tall. The backup interface and Smart Switch are 18 inches and 15 inches wide, respectively.

App and Online Control

Greenworks also allows you to manage your energy from anywhere using the Greenworks Power App or website. You can monitor your home’s consumption, backup power, charge/discharge levels, and more. The app also allows you to set preferences to optimize energy independence, outage protection, and get instant alerts about your home’s power status.

Greenworks PowerHub Energy Storage System Price

Since there are so many configurations of this system, your price will vary based on your specific setup. The starting price for the 10kWh PowerHub is $10,999 and includes a Backup Interface and a SmartSwitch. Greenworks backs your inverter and battery with a 12-year, 6000-cycle warranty, and your accessories with a 5-year warranty.