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My Lowe’s Store Reset their Tool Box Aisle

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I visited my closest Lowe’s store yesterday, to see what they did with all of their new modular tool box systems.

Lowe’s carried and heavily promoted 6 different modular tool box systems over the holiday shopping season, and I doubted their ability to fit all of them into their year-round tool storage aisle.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Boxes at Lowes 2024

Lowe’s gave ToughBuilt StackTech an entire single bay, which is good news for the nascent line of modular tool storage products.

When ToughBuilt announced their new tool box and storage line just 4 months ago, one question kept coming up, with tool users and industry insiders all asking the same thing – will they pull this off?

ToughBuilt has launched two waves of StackTech tool boxes so far, and are not showing any signs of slowing down.

It’s a huge sign of confidence for Lowe’s to give ToughBuilt permanent placement in stores like this.

A wall-mounted StackTech-compatible shelf was on the opposite side of the aisle.

Craftsman and Kobalt Tool Boxes at Lowes 2024

The next bay is half filled with Kobalt CaseStack storage products, and half with Craftsman TradeStack.

Craftsman Tool Boxes at Lowes 2024

The entire next bay is mostly filled with Craftsman VersaStack modular tool boxes and organizers, and also separate products – molded and steel tool boxes.

Dewalt and Kobalt Tool Bags at Lowes 2024

There were plenty of tool bags as well, featuring Dewalt’s new line, as well as a selection of Kobalt bags.

Flex Tool Boxes at Lowes 2024

There were some Flex StackPack tool boxes up above. I found some others further down the aisle, also only in the overhead storage racks.

Klein Tool Boxes at Lowes 2024

I spoke with a Klein manager a few weeks ago, and was told that their ModBox system would be continuously available at Lowe’s stores.

For the time being, Klein ModBox tool boxes and accessories are still available against the wall in the Lowe’s Pro section at the front of the store, where they’re flanked by Klein hand tools and what remains of their holiday season promotional displays.

What Lowe’s Tool Box Aisle Looked Like Before

Lowes Tool Box Aisle Summer 2022

Back in summer 2022, here’s how Lowe’s equipped the same 4 tool storage bays, along with a recap of what’s there now:

Bay 1 (2022): Craftsman Steel Storage
Bay 1 (2024): ToughBuilt StackTech

Bay 2 (2022): Kobalt and ToughBuilt Tool Bags
Bay 2 (2024): Kobalt CaseStack and Craftsman TradeStack

Bay 3 (2022): Craftsman VersaStack and Other Tool Boxes
Bay 3 (2024): (no change)

Bay 4 (2022): Craftsman VersaStack and Other Tool Boxes
Bay 4 (2024): Dewalt and Kobalt Tool Bags