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Hot or Not? Sharp Pog Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener

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The Sharp Pog is a drill-operated oscillating multi-tool blade sharpener that fits in standard 3/8″ and 1/2″ chucks.

It’s premise is simple – the Sharp Pog can “quickly sharpen old, dull, worn blades,” with its stack of spaced-out grinding discs.

The Sharp Pog sharpener “creates an ideal tooth profile on your dull or worn-out carbon steel blades” getting you “back to work in minutes.”

Sharp Pog Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener Angled Views
  • 3/8″ arbor shaft
  • 1.5″ wide grinding profile
  • 3″ x 1/32″ x 3/8″ Type 1 aluminum oxide grinding discs
  • Bonded and dual-reinforced grinding disc construction
  • A46R(BF) grit/grade/hardness rating

The Sharp Pog works on carbon steel oscillating blades, and you’ll want to keep in mind the 1.5″ grinding width.

Here’s a demo from ToolsinAction:

I’ve seen criticisms about how the grinding might change the temper and heat treatment of sharpened blades.

During our kitchen remodel a few years ago, our contractor used an oscillating multi-tool to cut clearance holes into the upper cabinet for the hood and exhaust fan.

They didn’t really cut the wood panels; it seems they were on their last blade towards the end of the day, and the blade was so dull they were burning through the wood.

That’s where I can see a sharpener like this coming in handy.

It seems that the Sharp Pog could be convenient for giving dull blades new life, especially when replacement blades aren’t immediately available.

I doubt you’re going to be cutting through metal with a resharpened blade, but I would expect it to be capable of cutting through softer construction materials such as 2x4s and similar, at least in a pinch.

Is this something you would add to your tool kit? Thoughts?