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Home Depot and Lowe’s have 12 Different Modular Tool Box Systems

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It wasn’t until this past week that I realized how many different modular tool box systems are available at just Home Depot and Lowe’s.

At the start of 2024, the major home improvement retailers together have 12 different modular tool box systems, combined.

Home Depot Modular Tool Box Systems

Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Display at Home Depot at Earlier Holiday Season
  • Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0
  • Husky Connect
  • Husky Build-Out
  • Milwaukee Packout
  • Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0
  • Ryobi Link

Lowe’s Modular Tool Box Systems

Klein Modular Tool Boxes at Lowes for Holiday 2023
  • Craftsman TradeStack
  • Craftsman VersaStack
  • Flex StackPack
  • Klein ModBox
  • Kobalt CaseStack
  • ToughSystem StackTech

Is it Good to Have so Many Choices?

Choices are good, and most of these brands and tool box lines offer something different.

But, 12 different systems seems like a lot, and it remains to be seen what the landscape will look like when the post-holiday clouds clear up.

Home Depot has permanent portable tool box displays at my local stores. My Lowe’s store has just a single bay in the middle of an aisle, and I have yet to see what their post-holiday reset looks like.

What about the tool box system Makita filed patent applications for? I don’t think I have ever seen Makita MakPac tool boxes in stores. Will there be room for a new system?

SK recently launched new modular tool boxes on Amazon. Is there the potential for Lowe’s to bring them to stores?

Tekton recently launched new modular mechanics tool kits and an L-Boxx-based storage system.

While I don’t expect for Tekton to partner with Home Depot or Lowe’s, what about Gearwrench? Could Gearwrench follow SK and Tekton’s leads and launch a modular tool box system of similar size or form factor?

If SK and Tekton have modular tool storge systems, Gearwrench should be working on their own line of products. What about Crescent, Gearwrench’s sibling brand? All of Crescent’s competitors in the construction tool space have modular tool box systems.

Let’s say Crescent follows their competitors’ lead. Where would their modular tool box system be sold?

I would argue that the modular tool box system landscape is not yet saturated. But Home Depot and Lowe’s definitely seem a bit full to the brim.

How will that affect modular tool box system expansion over the next couple of years?

There’s benefit in “good, better, best” tiering, but having 12 different systems at 2 retailers creates a lot of overlap.

It will be wonderful if each retailer and their brand partners pour energy into the 12 different modular tool box systems. Will that happen?

I think that we’re going to start seeing a divide between all of the different systems. Some will expand and branch out into new directions, while others might only be brought out for holiday season promotions and sales.

There’s also a chance we might see broader expansion if retail stores find the space to properly showcase all of their modular tool box systems. Home Depot is already doing a decent job of this. If Lowe’s manages to do the same, the competition will heat up further.

This product category is still growing, and there’s the potential for even greater in-store presence.

Which ones would I buy into today? My top 3 picks would be Milwaukee Packout, Dewalt ToughSystem, and Craftsman VersaStack. What about you?