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Dewalt has a New Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

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A new Dewalt abrasive blasting cabinet, model DXCM009-0370, recently appeared at online retailers.

The Dewalt blast cabinet features a hood-style door for easier loading and unloading, adjustable leg heights, and foot-operated air controls.

According to the details, it’s aimed at users looking to remove rust or paint from automotive parts and other types of equipment.

Dewalt Abrasive Blast Cabinet DXCM009-0370

The average air consumption is 20 CFM at 90 PSI.

Additional features include a media vibrator for consistent flow, a cyclone for dust management (a bucket and lid are not included), large viewing window, and 40 lb media capacity.

Dewalt added other items to their air equipment over the past few months, such as a new FRL (filter, regulator, lubricator) unit at Amazon, and braided polyurethane air hoses in several sizes.


This doesn’t seem like big news to me, but it’s interesting to see Dewalt delve deeper into automotive and industrial air-powered tools, accessories, and equipment.

Hopefully they’ll come out with a good benchtop unit too. I still don’t have the space for an air compressor large enough to run a full-size blasting cabinet like this one.