New Makita 18V Brushless Cart with Motorized Lift

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Makita launched a new 18V X2 cordless wheelbarrow overseas, and it’s been given a major upgrade – a lifting function.

The new Makita cordless wheelbarrow features a brushless motor, 4 wheels, electronic lift, retractable guards, and a neutral mode for manual pushing.

It has a max load capacity at 300 kg (~661 lbs) on relatively flat ground, and 180 kg (~397 lbs) on inclines from 3 to 12°.

There are 3 speed settings from 1.5 to 5 km/hr (~3.1 mph). It has a max range of 7.2 km (~4.5 miles) when traveling on flat ground with the lights off and carrying a max load at its max speed. Reverse speed is 1 km/hr (~0.62 mph)

Makita 18V Cordless Wheelbarrow in Lowest Position

There are headlights in the front, for lighting up your path.

The side rails are retractable for easier loading.

Makita 18V Cordless Wheelbarrow in Highest Position

The cart requires 2x 18V Li-ion batteries to operate, but you can load it with 4x to achieve the max travel distance without having to change out batteries.

Makita says the lifting mechanism can be raised from 475 mm (~18.7 inches) to 1020mm (~40.2 inches).

Its rear axle can tilt, helping to “keep front wheels on the ground for reliable traction.”

Makita 18V Cordless Wheelbarrow with Powered Lift Used on Industiral Floor

The wheelbarrow comes with black all-terrain tires that are suited for use on lawns and pavement. Optional grey tires are also available, for use on industrial floors where black tires might leave more marks.

Makita 18V Cordless Wheelbarrow with Powered Dumping Feature

Makita’s sales flyer shows the cordless wheelbarrow equipped with a plastic tub, and suggests the lifting mechanism can be used for auto-dumping its contents.

The 18V X2 brushless wheelbarrow is now available overseas. USA pricing and availability details are not yet available.


Makita XUC01X2 Brushless Power-Assisted Dolly with Rear Wheels

Makita has a cordless wheelbarrow – model XUC01X1 in the USA, currently $1199.

They added a fourth wheel and lifting mechanism, and a quite bit of polish from the looks of it.

I am unsure about whether to consider the new brushless wheelbarrow an upgrade, or if it’s a completely new product.

One thing that’s for certain – it looks fantastic.

As an aside, would you consider this a wheelbarrow, or a utility cart?

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