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New Harbor Freight Pliers – a Knipex TwinGrip Copy

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Harbor Freight launched new 8-inch Icon adjustable slip-joint pliers that, like the Knipex TwinGrip they encourage you to compare it to, features a fast-adjust push button.

The new Harbor Freight Icon pliers are professional slip-joint pliers [feature] a convenient push-button adjustment with five locking positions for maximum versatility and increased jaw capacity.

Harbor Freight Icon Adjustable Slip Joint Pliers

These aren’t your dad’s old clunky two-position slip-joint pliers.

Harbor Freight says the Icon pliers have “unique” multi-function jaws for a powerful grip.

Harbor Freight Icon Adjustable Slip Joint Pliers Front Jaws Closeup

The Icon pliers have front-facing teeth for gripping stripped screws, and side-gripping jaws with multiple points of contact for holding round, square, and hex shaped materials.

Harbor Freight Icon Adjustable Slip Joint Pliers Jaws Closeup

It’s finished with a durable clear coat for corrosion resistance.

Harbor Freight backs the tool with a lifetime warranty.

Model PPBSJ8, SKU 70310
Price: $20


It’s clear that Harbor Freight based their Icon on the Knipex TwinGrip, with a similar design and very similar jaw profile.

The Icon pliers aren’t quite identical to the Knipex in appearance.

The big deal here is that the Icon’s are $20 compared to $37 and up for the Knipex.

It’s not available in stores yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it. I am perfectly happy with my Knipex pliers, but am curious to see how well the performance of the Harbor Freight matches up.

Icon vs Knipex Grip TwinGrip Pliers Jaws

I find it odd that Harbor Freight describes their Icon pliers as having “unique” jaws. Take a look at the jaw profile compared to the Knipex TwinGrip. Do the Icon plier jaws look unique to you?

Harbor Freight and Icon have come so far, and I’d like to see the brand put more of their own spin on things.

Rather than being a lower cost copy, could Harbor Freight have made a better tool?