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I Saved a Bunch of Money on Knipex Tools

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Knipex hand tools can be pricey, and this is especially true for crimping tools and similar.

With a big wiring project coming up, and then a couple more after that, now seems like a good time for me to buy a new crimper.

The crimper I have is very basic, and more of a field-repair type of tool for crimping a terminal or two at a time.

When shopping for crimping tools, the pricing escalates quickly.

I’m also treating this as a review opportunity, and so if I’m trying one new style of crimping tool, I might as well try one or two others. I’ve been doing things like this for a while, and it helps provide context.

The pricing was… unpleasant, although not as bad as with other more specialized styles of crimpers.

Amazon’s pricing more or less reflects the pricing at other dealers.

As of the time of this posting, Amazon, has the Knipex 97 52 36 “PreciForce” crimping pliers for insulated terminals priced at $144.

Can I get it for less?


Amazon has an “Amazon Japan” listing where I can get the same crimping tool for $112.34 with free shipping. That’s certainly a bit better.

Strangely, they also have other imported-from-Japan versions for $119 and Prime shipping. For a couple of dollars better, the delivery time goes from two weeks to two days.

$119 is still better than $144, right?

I ordered them from Amazon Germany instead.

Amazon Germany has them for around €84 (or ~€71 excluding VAT) plus €17.99 delivery. I paid €18.96 for faster shipping and a couple of dollars US state sales tax.

The final price was around €96, or $104 USD.

It was estimated to arrive in three days, but arrived in TWO.

I placed the order at 11:59pm EST 1/29/24, and they arrived at 4:09pm EST 1/31/24. They shipped from Italy to Germany and then the USA in that time.

So that’s what, a 40-hour international delivery time, AND I saved $40 off the regular Amazon price and $25-30 compared to buying an international version from Amazon 3rd party and global store sellers.

The tool arrived in a cardboard envelope but seems to be safe and sound.

Ordering from overseas can carry risks.

Will this affect warranty coverage? What happens if my product gets lost in transit? Damaged in transit?

What if the tool is defective? How do I return it to Amazon Germany/UK/Japan without losing money?

I’ve had to contact Amazon’s overseas customer service at least once. At that time, instead of sending me the tool I ordered (Knipex wire stripper), they sent me a cheap temperature sensor. With a quick email, the proper item was on its way.

As there are risks, I decide on a case by case basis as to whether it makes sense to order from an overseas Amazon store rather than a local USA supplier.

In this case, I saved at least $40 and got the tool I needed in just 40 hours.

This wasn’t my first time ordering Knipex tools from Amazon Germany. Here’s all of the Knipex tools I ordered from Amazon Germany over the years:

Knipex End Sleeve and Ferrule Crimping Pliers
Knipex Mini Wire Stripper
Knipex PreciStrip Automatic Wire Stripper
Knipex Mini Wire Cutter
Knipex Lock Ring Pliers Set
Knipex Cobra XS
Knipex Automatic Wire Stripper
Knipex Long-Reach Pliers

One final note – be sure to find the language tab and change it to English. Look for where it is on, and you can find it in the same place at Amazon Germany’s website.

Also, keep in mind there could be foreign transaction fees. I don’t have such fees on my Amazon business (and consumer) credit cards, and so I opt to pay in Euros. It would have cost a few dollars more to place the order in US dollars.

Ordering from Amazon Japan works the same way.