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Bosch and Sortimo Launched an L-Boxx Battery Box

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There’s a new L-Boxx modular tool box from Bosch and Sortimo, called the Battery SafeBOXX.

The Battery SafeBoxx was designed to be a safe way to transport and store certain types of rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Whether it’s cars, bicycles, electric tools or electric garden equipment – lithium batteries are being used more and more frequently. The problem: lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods and as such are subject to strict transport regulations on hazardous goods. The Battery SafeBOXX offers the packaging solution that meets these requirements.

According to the companies, the new L-Boxx has UN certification for “all dangerous goods of packaging group II and III.” A quick search of standards shows that this refers to items posing low (III) and medium (II) danger.

L-Boxx Battery SafeBOXX Tool Box Closed

The outer case is said to be made of “special modified plastic.”

L-Boxx Battery SafeBOXX Tool Box Inside Compartment

Inside, there’s a Cirrux “fire protection insert.”

L-Boxx Battery SafeBOXX Tool Box Cushioning

The Cirrux fire protection cushion surrounds transported batteries.

Safeboxx Transport Approvals

The SafeBoxx is for “transport and storage of lithium batteries in accordance with ADR / RID / IMDG / ATA-DGR up to a max. of 5.5 kg.” Shown here are approval details according to ADR.

ADR stands for the UN “Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road,” which details how potentially dangerous goods can be transported.

L-Boxx Battery SafeBOXX Tool Box Stack

The SafeBoxx is shown to be compatible with existing Bosch and Sortimo L-Boxxes and accessories.

This doesn’t seem like a product for the average tool user, but I found it interesting nonetheless.