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Makita is Launching an XGT 8-Port Battery Charger

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Makita USA is launching an XGT 8-port battery charger, model BCC01.

A reader tipped me off about the new charger and asked if I would be covering it. Sure!

Makita USA did not issue any press materials, does not respond to our press or media inquiries, and didn’t answer the phone.

Here’s what we know so far: it’s an 8-port battery charger.


How fast does it recharge XGT batteries? “Rapidly.”

Cost? Probably a lot.

How many batteries does it charge at the same time?

When will it be available?

Does the lid have to be open during charging?

If the lid is closed, will the heat build up and “rapid” battery charging rate shorten the lifespans of the Li-ion batteries?

Is the charger tool box water resistant?

The power connection looks proprietary. Is it also a power distribution box?

Is it compatible with all XGT batteries?

18V charging capabilities would be nice too – is an 18V version coming out?

Will it work with the XGT charger to 18V battery adapter?

Can this power the 18V portable power station that Makita just launched?


All of those batteries charging in such a small space is bound to generate a lot of heat, which is why I wonder if the lid has to be kept open.

For what it’s bound to cost, especially with 8 batteries, a USB charging port would have been nice.

I’d prefer to see a top handle rather than two side handles.

Official Makita USA Announcement

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