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Acme Tools Tops Newsweek’s Best DIY, Tool, Supply Stores

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Our friends at Acme Tools took top honors in Newsweek’s best online shop rankings for 2024.

Newsweek partnered with a global data research firm to evaluate online retailers on different criteria that are important to shoppers, such as “user friendliness, security measures, and the likelihood of making a purchase.”

I placed another order at Acme Tools today – a couple of jumbo-sized Milwaukee Inkzall markers and 2 Packout drawer tool boxes. They’ve done a lot right to earn my business as a tool user, and it’s good to know I’m not alone in my affinity for the retailer.

In the past couple of years, I’ve purchased all kinds of tools and equipment from Acme Tools. Not every transaction has been perfect, but their customer service has been great.

I didn’t recognize all of the retailers on Newsweek’s list, with some of their picks being specialty suppliers.

Here are how some other familiar tool retailers ranked:

1) Acme Tools
2) Ace Hardware
4) Harbor Freight
5) Tool Barn
6) Toolup
8) Leatherman
9) Maxtool
11) Ohio Power Tool
12) Kreg Tool
13) Worx
14) Snow Joe
16) Tyler Tool
17) Garrett Wade

Newsweek says that 6,000 shoppers were surveyed, and they gave awards to 1,000 shops.

Here’s a summary of the methodology that was published at the bottom of Newsweek’s rankings:

More than 9,500 USA online shops were compiled according to a proprietary research database, online databases, online directories, and price comparison websites to “identify the most relevant online shops.”

Then, the ones with “the most American visitors and highest American revenue in 2022 were selected as candidates.”

Certain online shops were excluded to “allow a better comparison between the remaining candidates.”

The remaining shops were screened according to “36 objective criteria” and “10 subjective criteria on 8 dimensions.”

After “passing several tests based on 46 objective and subjective criteria,” 1,000 online shops were recognized in 39 categories.

Then, “an online panel survey of more than 6,000 American online shoppers was conducted to assess the appearance of the online shops in 10 subjective criteria” with weighting according to what the survey takers communicated was most important to them.

Sub-scores for each dimension was calculated out of a score of 10, and “the top 1,000 online shops with the highest scores were then awarded.”

There were a total of 18 online retailers in the DIY, Tools, and Supplies category.

Target, Big Lots, Kohls, Macy’s, and Amazon are on the list. But not Home Depot?

There are 18 DIY and Tool online retailers ranked, but 39 in the car, motorcycle, and boats category, and 97 in single-brand fashion.

There are 10 watch retailers, including one whose website I can’t access to do “attackers might be trying to steal your information” browser warnings.

One of Newsweek’s “top health products” winning websites resulted in pop-ups and malware warnings.

Lowe’s is on the list, at number 9 for household appliances.

The US Post Office ranked number 5 in “hobby, leisure items,” along with a bunch of vaping shops.

The listings are a bit odd.

But, Acme Tools is pretty awesome. I can’t say whether they deserve to be at the top, but I can say that they’ve been the best choice for an increasing number of my own tool purchases.