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Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station

We’re teaming up with Ampace in this sponsored post to tell you more about the Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station. Lithium-ion inverters (often called battery-powered generators or solar generators) are a great way to get portable power much more conveniently than using a gas generator. Take a closer look at how Ampace can supply your power needs in a variety of scenarios.

Using the Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station

Capacity and Output

The 600 Pro uses a LiFePO4 hybrid battery system to hold 584wH of capacity. The cell selection here is key to making a safer portable power station along with a much longer service life for it. LFP cells are less likely to hit thermal runaway and can have quadruple (or more) the usable life of NMC cells.

The main question is… what can you run? With 600 running watts and support for appliances with up to an 1800-watt rating, it’s a pretty wide range.

The limit is effectively 5 total amps if you’re thinking in terms of what you plug into a wall outlet. With 600 watts available, you can even run/charge multiple items at once. Here are some examples:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptop computers
  • CPAP machine
  • Portable fans
  • Lights
  • TVs

The output is “clean” pure sine wave energy, so it’s perfectly safe to run/charge your sensitive electronics. Just keep in mind the higher the energy needs of what you’re using, the faster you’ll drain the LiFePO4 hybrid battery system. One nice feature Ampace adds is an easy-to-read reverse-contrast display. It shows you the battery charge status, input and output watts, remaining charge time, and remaining runtime.

Ampace Andes P600 Pro Portable Power Station

Here’s what Ampace has to say about the efficiency of this unit:

Using the third-generation semiconductor SiC (silicon carbide) material, equipped with DSP numerical control high-frequency bidirectional PCS technology, innovative topological structure, the inverter efficiency is as high as 95%, the heat generation of the same level is 20% smaller, the power is 5% more, and the temperature rise of heat generation is reduced by 30° C.

Outlets and Ports

120V Outlets and USB-A and USB-C charging ports

Ampace includes a nice range of outlets and ports for charging and running. There are two 120V outlets, two fast-charging USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a 12V car outlet.

You can use multiple outlets simultaneously as long as you don’t draw more than 600 continuous watts. As we mentioned earlier, the more watts you draw, the faster you go through the battery. When you need to manage your power draw carefully, be sure to prioritize the most important items.

To use any of the ports, you first need to turn the 600 on. Press the on/off button and the display comes on along with LED lights on the top to let you know it’s active. At that point, the USB ports are ready to use. For the 120V outlets or 12V and DC ports, there’s a button you need to press near each set to activate them.

Charging Options

Input charging Ports and Reset

As you would expect, you can plug the power station into the wall to recharge it and that’s the fastest way to get up and running. If off-grid power is more up your alley, the 600 Pro also comes with a connector for solar panels and can handle up to 200 watts. A 12V vehicle charger is also in the box, making this an excellent option for overlanding and car camping.

In case you’re wondering, it is possible to charge and discharge at the same time. If you need to charge your phone while pulling in a solar recharge, you’re absolutely fine to do that.

It only takes one hour to charge the Andes 600 from 0–80%. You can get all the way to 100% in just 1.5 hours. Using a 200W solar panel, the charge time grows to between 3 and 6 hours. Finally, with a 12VDC car charger, you can get to 100% in around 5 hours.

LED Light

Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station

Ampace includes a handy LED light on the front. To turn it on, press the button to the right of the light bar. Press multiple times to cycle through low, high, strobe, and SOS. Whether you need to signal in an emergency, need to cast some light around the immediate area, or just need some help seeing the ports to plug your device in, it’s a handy feature to have.

Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station Quick Facts

Ampace Andes 600 Pro
Total Capacity 584Wh
Output Power 600 watts
Peak Power 1800 watts
Ports 2 x 120V AC
2 x USB-A Fast
2 x USB-C
12V car port
2 x DC
Charging 120V AC or 12V car
Solar Compatible Yes, up to 200W
App Enabled Yes
Rated Life* 2000 cycles
Weight 16.8 pounds
Protections High voltage
Low voltage
High current
High temperature
Low temperature
Internal temperature
Short circuit
*Rated life based on the number of charge cycles before the battery is at 70% of its original capacity.

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)

  • Intelligent Car Cable Clips (for jump starting)
  • Carry case bag
  • 100W Solar Panels

Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station Price

The retail price of the 600 Pro is $449. Look for sales. Ampace backs its power station with a 3-year warranty.

Author’s Note: Ampace is offering 20% OFF (Promo price: $359.20) using code 20D9FFZP
This code is valid from January 20 through February 29, 2024.

The Bottom Line

From road trips to power outages, there are a lot of ways to put the Ampace Andes 600 Pro Portable Power Station to work. Its blend of charging inputs and power outputs along with the selection of LiFePo cells and internal protection mechanisms makes it a versatile, safe power supply you can count on for years to come.

About Ampace

Ampace Technology is a globally renowned innovative new energy technology company that is steadfastly dedicated to providing cutting-edge green energy solutions to over 35 million users across 29 countries, delivering an exceptional and transformative experience. With a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability, our mission is to empower the global transition to green energy, ultimately enabling a better and more sustainable future.

As a joint venture between ATL and CATL, leading consumer-grade lithium battery manufacturer and global pioneer in new energy innovation, Ampace inherits over 20 years of cutting-edge cell technology in the lithium battery industry. With a portfolio of over 900 patents and active involvement in the formulation of 76 industry standards, Ampace has invested over $215.7 million in research and development in the past four years. Our focus is on providing the latest consumer-oriented energy solutions worldwide, empowering the adoption of a green lifestyle.

In 2022, Ampace held a significant e-motorcycle battery market share and boasted a 30% share in residential energy storage systems. Moreover, as the global leader in drone battery supply, we showcase unmatched expertise and innovation.