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Makita Launched their Portable Power Station in the USA

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Makita USA recently launched the BAC01 portable power station in the USA.

The Makita BAC01 portable power station and charger is compatible with ConnextX backpack battery packs and features a multitude of AC and DC outputs.

It has a MakPac-compatible tool box form factor.

Makita BAC01 Portable Power Station

The Makita BAC01 features 2x AC outlets with up to 1400W max output (2800W peak). That’s around 12A.

According to the online user manual, the BAC01 delivers a pure sine wave AC output.

It also has 2x USB-A ports, 2x USB-C ports, and 1x DC12V auto-style outlet. Here are the maximum current delivery specs according to the user manual:

  • 12V Auto DC: 10A
  • USB-A: 2.4A
  • USB-C: USB-PD 30W
Makita BAC01 Cordless Power Station Hero

Similar to the international model, you’ll need a ConnectX battery pack to provide power to the BAC01.

The Makita BAC01 measures 15-1/2″ long x 13-5/8″ deep x 6-3/8″ tall and weighs 16.1 lbs.

Price: $779
ETA: January 2024

You will also need a ConnetX battery pack.

The PDC1200 retails for $1379, and the PDC01 retails for $699. You’ll need 2-4 compatible Makita 18V or XGT batteries (sold separately) for use with the PDC01.

The user manual says that the power output is limited to 750W when using the PDC01 battery power supply. This suggests you’ll need the PDC1200 battery power supply in order to achieve the maximum rated AC power delivery.

Makita USA hasn’t officially announced the BAC01 yet – they seem to have skipped their usual STAFDA year-ahead announcements for 2024 – but it’s available now at authorized online dealers, with preorders expected to start shipping this month.