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Lowe’s Launches New Kobalt Jobsite Markers

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Lowe’s just launched new Kobalt jobsite markers.

It has been 10 years since Milwaukee Inkzall markers arrived at Home Depot stores, and Harbor Freight also recently launched their own jobsite markers in late 2023.

Better late than never?

Kobalt Jobsite Markers 4-Color Pack

There are only two SKUs (so far?) – a 4-pack of black markers, and a 4-pack with one each of green, red, blue, and black markers.

All of the new Kobalt markers have fine point tips.

Features include clog-resistant acrylic tips that are “designed for industrial materials,” and quick-drying “industrial strength” non-toxic ink.

Price: $6.99 for a 4-pack (black, assorted colors)

Milwaukee Inkzall Assorted Color Markers 4-Pack

OR, Home Depot has 4-packs of Inkzall markers (black and assorted colors) for $3.48 with free shipping.

$7 for a 4-pack of Kobalt markers at Lowe’s vs. $3.48 for a 4-pack of Milwaukee Inkzall markers at Home Depot with free shipping. Which would you pick?

Lowe’s is only offering delivery with a “from $15” fee, suggesting their markers are an in-store-only item at this time.

It will be interesting to see if Lowe’s expends their line of Kobalt markers.

I’m curious about how these might compare, but not enough to hightail it to the nearest Lowe’s store, or to spend double the money.