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SK Launched New Modular Tool Boxes

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SK launched a new line of modular tool boxes that stack together in any combination.

Straying from what has become the norm for stacking modular tool boxes, SK focused on steel construction.

The new SK tool boxes all offer front-accessible access to your tools and supplies, via sliding drawers or cabinets with different styles of doors.

SK Modular Tool Boxes 2024 Assortment

The initial line of SK modular tool boxes will include:

  • 1-drawer tool box
  • 2-drawer tool box
  • 3-drawer tool box (equal size drawers)
  • Cabinet with stowable door
  • 2-door cabinet
  • 3-drawer tool box with shallow and deep drawers
  • 4-wheel rolling cart
SK Modular Tool Box on 4-Wheel Rolling Dolly

Features include molded work tops with recesses for holding tools and fasteners, side handles, aluminum drawer pulls, and an auto-locking side latching mechanism.

Each tool box can hold up to 60 lbs of tools and gear, and measures 20.5″ wide x 14″ deep x 13″ tall.

SK Modular Tool Boxes Stacked with Rolling Carts

Each tool box also features a built-in lock.

SK Evolution Modular Tool Boxes

It’s obvious that SK designed their “Elevate” line of modular tool boxes for use in workshops and other such settings.

At this time, SK Elevate tool boxes are only available in the brand’s signature green color.

Price: $160-190

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SK’s new modular drawer and cabinet tool box systems brings to mind two earlier systems from other brands:

Ryobi ToolBlox

The Ryobi ToolBlox system also featured modular cabinets, some with drawers, others with doors.

The Keter modular tool chest system, also available under Craftsman branding, featured drawers, some with removable organizer bins.

Tekton Modular Tool Drawer Stack on Rolling Dolly

Tekton recently launched a new line of modular drawer-based tool boxes that are based on the L-Boxx platform.

The SK Elevate system looks to be the only system designed for the needs of auto mechanics and other such users. Most brands’ modular tool boxes were primarily designed with the needs of construction professionals in mind.

While Tekton’s adaptation of L-Boxx components could work well for such users too, they weren’t specifically designed for mechanics tools and the like.

It will be interesting to see how modular workshop storage products progress.