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I Love Milwaukee’s Socket Set Trays

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I bought a couple of Milwaukee socket sets a few years ago, and they’ve been great. The tools are decent, but it’s the trays that won me over.

I recently purchased a couple of Milwaukee Packout work tops to go along with my new drawer tool boxes and dollies, and finally got around to installing the tops.

There are 6 screws that fasten into an equal number of lock nuts.

If I were in my workshop, I’d normally grab the 1/4″ drive ratchet and start with 10mm or 13mm sockets. Since I was in a different room, I would have needed to grab the ratchet, at least those two sockets, and maybe an extension.

Eh, I grabbed the whole tray out of its drawer in my tool cabinet, and walked to the room where the work tops were waiting for assembly.

It was a good idea too, as the nuts were sized for an 11mm socket. Grabbing the whole socket tray saved me a trip.

The screwdriver is Milwaukee’s new USA-made Phillips #2. I bought two sets of them already, also with no regrets so far.

With Milwaukee’s socket sets, you have to make a choice at the time of purchase – do you want a Packout-compatible tray, or portable kit with removable tray. It’s not a permanent choice, as Packout socket set trays are available separately.

Milwaukee SAE and Metric Socket Set with Removable Tray for Tool Box Drawers

I went with the non-Packout option, which comes with a hard shell case and removable tray. I have the carrying case stored away in case I ever need/want the set to be more portable.

So, the tray lives in my tool box drawer.

This is the 1/4″ set, and I also own the 3/8″ set. I don’t have the 1/2″ set (yet?). I have test samples of Milwaukee’s Shockwave sets, but don’t own a personal set yet either. I don’t use impact sockets as often as hand/chrome sockets, and so I won’t be making space for them in my primary tool box just yet.

I tend to prefer foam trays for more permanent in-drawer storage and organization, but not in this case.

100% I’d buy this Milwaukee socket set again – and the same for my 3/8″ set.

With all this talk about the time and effort-saving tray, I should also mention that the tools are darn good too. The set comes with a 90T ratchet, 27 shallow sockets (SAE and metric), 25 deep sockets (SAE and metric), 2 extensions, and a universal joint.

The sockets feature a 4-flat anti-roll and wrench-ready shape.

The tools are great, but the removable trays – which are solid and durable-feeling in contrast to (yuck) blow molded inserts – helps them stand out and apart from other brands’ also-decent mechanics hand tools.

At the time of this posting, the 1/4″ (48-22-9004) and 3/8″ sets are $99 each. I bought both sets 3 years ago during similar holiday promotions.