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This Milwaukee Rolling Tool Cabinet Tamed my Workshop Clutter

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Did you know that Milwaukee offers a rolling steel storage cabinet? Technically it’s a side locker for attaching to their steel tool cabinet and chest combos, but you can also use it by itself.

Milwaukee advises that their rolling cabinet should not be freestanding; the cabinet comes with anchors for attaching it to a wall to prevent tip-over accidents.

I bought two of these cabinets a few months ago, and liked them so much that I ordered two more.

They’re a bit pricey, but perfectly fit my needs.

The cabinet measures 63″ tall x 27.2″ wide x 22.1″ deep.

Milwaukee Tool Storage Rolling Cabinet 48-22-8586P Attached to Tool Cabinets

It can be attached to the left or right of Milwaukee ball bearing steel storage products, and comes with risers for making it compatible with storage cabinets with 6-inch wheels.

That means that technically it’s a side locker, but I’m hesitant to describe it as such. Most side lockers only come with 2 casters and can’t be used standalone. This has 4 casters and can be used by itself without having to mount it to a rolling tool cabinet.

Milwaukee Tool Storage Rolling Cabinet 48-22-8586P Adjustable Shelves

Inside, there are 5 shelves, 4 of them adjustable, plus 3 door-mounted trays. A grommet in the back allows for power cord pass-thru.

The 4 adjustable shelves are said to have a 150 lb load rating.

I have also been putting things on top.

There are taller cabinets out there, but I was skeptical about quality. I also liked the dimensions of the Milwaukee cabinet, which makes them – in my mind and experience – more portable and with less risk of tip-over.

It features 4 locking swivel casters for easier mobility.

There are two versions of the cabinet – an older SKU, and the current one (48-22-8586P) that also comes with a magnetic power strip.

Milwaukee Tool Storage Rolling Cabinet 48-22-8586P Holding Packout Tool Boxes

Some of Home Depot’s product images show the cabinet holding Packout tool boxes and organizers. I don’t ever plan to use mine in this way, but it seemed interesting to point out. That seems like a useful implementation for a tool room or similar, where boxes might need to be individually grabbable behind a lockable door.

I searched for other steel cabinets before I found these, but wasn’t completely sold on any designs I found. I was sold on the Milwaukee because they’re mobile, deeper, and shorter than industrial cabinets, and in many cases less expensive.

I also trust Milwaukee build quality and Home Depot’s ability to ship products like this without damage – and their customer service just in case there is a problem with a freight order.

I like these better than open shelves, although I haven’t removed my wire shelving units yet. I have been moving them around as I organize multiple spaces, making good use of the swiveling casters.

The price seems a bit high to me, but I searched around and couldn’t find anything similar for less.

Would I have purchased these for personal use? Probably not, or maybe just one. But for business use, I have zero regrets.

Home Depot has a Husky rolling side locker that is much taller and just a little deeper, but its height would be a problem in my storage space (which has a short ceiling and obstructing soffit in places). The added height also increases the tip-over risk in an open workshop.

There are aspects about the Milwaukee that I prefer – such as how the power strip is magnetic and thus removable.

There are other options, but side lockers and standalone steel storage cabinets aren’t inexpensive regardless of the brand.

So far, I’ve been happy with these.

Price: $598 at Home Depot plus freight