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5 Best Modular Tool Box and Storage Systems (early 2024)

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I have been buying and using modular tool boxes, organizers, and other such storage products for years.

I have also tested every major professional system available.

In my opinion, these are the top 5 to pay attention to. There are others that have some merit, but they don’t stand on even ground with these leading and potentially leading systems.

#1 Milwaukee Packout

Milwaukee M12 Packout LED Flood Light 2356-20 on Tool Box Tower

Milwaukee Packout is leading the industry, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

Packout is constantly a step ahead of the competition, on average, and I doubt this will change anytime soon; no other brand comes close.

In my opinion, the cost is the biggest – and often only – downside.

I have niggles about some little things, such as the space efficiency of certain Packout tool boxes, but that’s about it.

I’m not much of a fan of the wall system – yet – but I think this will change once Milwaukee launches an externally-mounted accessory system. Hopefully those eventual accessories can also be used with the wall plates.

The biggest mistake that Milwaukee’s competitors make is in seeing Packout as a system. Yes, it’s a system, but a system of discrete solutions.

Of all of the tool storage brands, Milwaukee offers me the most solutions suited to my specific needs, wants, and user demands.

The drawers are great, the 4-wheel dolly with foot brake is the best I’ve used, the work tops are practical, the tool boxes are decent, the organizers are okay but I bought a whole lot at great pricing, the crates are good but I wish they were less expensive, and the tool totes are useful even outside of Packout connectivity (although I’ve started using some as top-of-stack catch-alls).

Milwaukee Packout Small Organizer with Medium Tool Bag Connected

You can take a Packout tool bag, add an organizer to the bottom, and bring just what you need to an installation or maintenance task.

Or put drawers on a 4-wheel dolly to create a workshop-friendly roll-around tool box tower.

There are Packout accessory cases as well. Mechanics tool sets. Socket sets. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid Packout-integrated tools or accessories.

Tool users keep asking for more, and Milwaukee seems intent to deliver.

#2 Dewalt ToughSystem

Dewalt ToughSystem 3-Drawer Tool Box DWST08330 Open at Jobsite

I bought original Dewalt ToughSystem tool boxes, and gradually replaced them with other solutions.

But, I’ve now gravitated back to the updated ToughSystem 2.0 system to complement my storage and organizational setup.

I prefer certain Dewalt components better than the Milwakee equivalents, such as the compact tool box, and found myself using small groupings of ToughSystem tool boxes and accessories.

In my opinion, Dewalt has the most flexible and functional options after Milwaukee – for now.

Dewalt Workshop Storage Product Family Hero

The Dewalt workshop storage system has the potential to be huge, especially when users realize they can mount the storage rails to any vertical surface – including the sides of tool boxes.

Dewalt doesn’t have many external accessory solutions designed for mobile tool box setups, yet.

#3 ToughBuilt StackTech

ToughBuilt StackTech Modular Tool Storage System

ToughBuilt’s first wave of StackTech tool boxes and organizers are very good, and I’m told that the second wave has started shipping out to select stores.

When talking to some industry insiders recently, the same question kept coming up. ToughBuilt announced the new system with a bunch of computer renders depicting an ambitious first year product roadmap. So the question that comes up now is “can they do it?”

Well, they are doing it. ToughBuilt’s first wave launched just a few months ago, and the second wave is upon us.

In my opinion, ToughBuilt is already leaving most competing brands in the dust.

StackTech’s system offers unique solutions.

Unlike a couple of other brands that entered the market in the past 2 years, ToughBuilt’s system looks inspired but not derivative. Some brands say “let’s copy that.” Judging from what’s both out already and coming soon, I would bet that ToughBuilt’s decision makers instead said “how can we do this better?”

#4 Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0

Ridgid Pro Gear 2 Modular Tool Box Product Family 2023

Ridgid’s updated Pro Gear 2.0 tool box system – like its predecessor – is a good system at fair pricing.

The Ridgid system introduced some unique features and options, with the removable hand cart component meaning any XL-sized tool box can be placed on the bottom of a rolling stack – even the new 3-drawer tool box.

Ridgid’s system rarely grows, which isn’t good. But, what they offer is decent, and the pricing is fair.

It’s far from being the best system for my needs, but I consider Ridgid’s to be a “one size fits many mobile users” type of system.

#5 Klein ModBox

Klein ModBox Mobile Workstation Hero

Klein’s new ModBox system is far from being at the top of the list, and to be frank I’m not convinced they’re the 5th best option.

But, ModBox is different, and that helps it stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

The system as it exists now is on-par with many other brands’ already. Its external accessory attachment system is novel and effective.

In my early tests, I found the designs and executions to be well-done. There was a minor fitment issue that self-resolved.

ModBox is very electrician-focused right now, and there’s the potential for Klein to broaden its appeal.

It’s not a system I would buy for my own use yet, but I’m watching it closely.