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No Evidence Stihl is Launching a New Cordless Power Tool Platform

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Stihl, best known for their gas engine chainsaws, also has a small selection of cordless outdoor tools and equipment.

From their website, Stihl actually has 4 different lines of homeowner and professional battery systems.

But what they don’t have is a line of cordless power tools – drills, drivers, and the like.

A reader recently emailed in, asking if I heard anything about “a new Stihl power tool platform.” They pointed to an article that made bold claims about a range of “groundbreaking battery-powered tools,” but with few details or specifics.

The article included an image with 14 drills and impact drivers, plus a couple of tool-shaped objects. But, it all seemed like AI generated nonsense.

Stihl Cordless Kombimotor

The “article” references the 135 series at one point, but Stihl announced that cordless interchangeable tool system in late 2020.

I couldn’t find details or even any hints of a new Stihl cordless battery-powered tool platform. There’s nothing in Stihl’s press releases, social media postings, global postings, or elsewhere.

I’m sure that Stihl, like other gas engine outdoor tool brands, will be investing more heavily in battery-powered tools and systems in the future, and you can bet they’ll be very vocal about it.

But I don’t see them entering the cordless power tool space with drills, drivers, or other such construction-focused tools.

Maybe Stihl is working on a “groundbreaking new cordless power tools system,” but until I find or see any evidence of this, I’m considering it an AI-generated hoax.